Professional beach volleyball player Casey Patterson has been using the CoreControl cooling glove to stay cool and gain the performance edge.


Fatigue and exhaustion have been everlasting obstacles for athletes of all sports and games. The conventional methods of drinking more water and taking ice baths have been passed down, generation to generation. But what happens when these traditional remedies just aren’t enough?
“I found out about it from my trainer,” said Patterson about his first time using the CoreControl, “He introduced it to us in the weight room and had us using it and testing it out, just seeing what we thought. It’s really been a huge improvement in our recovery process when we’re lifting.”
CoreControl Cooling Glove is a safe and non-invasive thermal regulation device that keeps the core body temperature within normal range. The CoreControl cooling glove uses rapid core body heat extraction to safely bring the body’s core temperature back within its optimal range, even under the most hot and stressful environments.
CoreControl has become increasingly popular within the NFL and NBA, with teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, and Stanford Cardinals all incorporating the cooling glove into their training regimes.
I’d love to get you in touch with Casey’s trainer Andor Gyulai to talk about the benefits of CoreControl. You can check out more information in this short video as well where Casey and Andor Gyulai talk about the glove.