Sports and volleyball injuries like sprains, strains, muscle spasms, and cramps can be quite common if you’re very physically active. One of the more common muscle pains caused by sports or exercise is DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness, and this is caused by the muscle fibers becoming filled with micro-tears. These painful cramps can last for a few minutes at a time and can be linked to a variety of things, including lacking essential minerals, medications, injuries, issues with the flow of blood, and even dehydration. 

Let’s take a quick peek at ways to deal with this and other sports-related muscle pain naturally.

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Natural Topical Pain Relief

A line of revolutionary OTC pain relief options is now becoming more and more popular. You can find some of them at Hempire Direct. Their products are made from natural ingredients that can assist with relieving muscle and joint pain for any person who enjoys the freedom of movement without pain.

Magnesium is also known to relax muscles and can help even when it comes to coordinating ankle mobility. Applying it topically can directly target pain in the muscles. You can get magnesium oil in a pump or spray bottle. Just spray it on the sore area as needed or as a preventative measure.

Ice and Heat

Using heat and ice for sports-related injuries can work wonders. That said, they need to be used carefully. If your muscles are sore, an ice bath can be a great way to relieve a bit of that soreness. However, applying heat or taking a hot bath can do the opposite since heat tends to increase inflammation and swelling. 

When it comes to using heat, it’s best used on tight muscles. A sore or tight lower back might be eased by a heating pad. Utilizing the heat and ice together can assist with a reduction in swelling that’s related to injuries that are acute. Rotate them out at 20-minute intervals.


Getting a professional massage can be a fantastic idea for when you have sore, tight muscles. 

For example, if you’re experiencing tightness in the hamstrings, neck, glutes, or lower back, a deep tissue massage can be extremely helpful. A massage will increase the flow of blood to the area while also relaxing the muscles. This in turn reduces contractions and spasms that can be quite painful. 

Rest and Relaxing

There will always be times when the best way to achieve results for your sore body is to simply do nothing at all. There are quite a few injuries that can be sports-related that will greatly benefit from relaxing and resting. Taking a break for a day or two and not participating in your sport can let your muscles have a bit of time to recover. If you’ve ever experienced a serious sports injury though, you should know that you always need to talk to your physician.

Even though playing something like volleyball can be both fun and beneficial, sports injuries that are mild to moderate can be more common than you might think. Instead of turning to pain killers that can be addictive, there are better, natural remedies you can try to find a bit of relief. 

Many injuries can be eased with the ones you’ve just read about. Mild and common injuries like DOMS, muscle tightness, and cramps can be relieved by topical creams and ointments or oils, getting a massage, or relaxing. However, nothing mentioned here today should be a substitute for seeing your doctor when you’re injured or experiencing a great deal of pain.