What is this: m. quadriceps femoris, m. triceps surae or iliopsaos? There are muscles which are accountable for jumping. If you were not born in Cuba or if you are not Mariusz Wlazly or me, you have to work extremely hard in order to reach the ball one meter over the net, but don’t worry! These exercises will help you to jump higher not felling tired and intensity loss during long and exhausting effort.


There is a famous American movie titled “White man can’t jump” that presents the advantage of black man towards white in jumping. But are not white jump very high? Of course not. White man can jump, however, they have to work much harder than black to achieve the same results. That is why white should train to balance this dependence. Obviously, the whole rest also needs to be in form.

So what exercises would help you to produce the greatest power gains for the lower body in an individual to jump higher. What exercises would benefit in producing the most power in a volleyball player, while executing similar movement patterns to those performed in a volleyball game?

We prepared you two videos, where you can pick up the tips and if you have the patience and the strength to achieve your goals, you will be able to achieve this as well.

There is a belief that the athleticism is in the genes but if you aren’t that athletic then for sure there are ways to develop yourself to become one. If you ever want to jump as high as Mariusz Wlazly, Osmany Junantrena or Matey Kazyski, watch, learn, and practice this:

In the gym:


In home conditions: