Udemy is a big marketplace where you can learn a lot of things online. Of course, you can’t expect that Udemy is only about sport and volleyball J As I said you can learn almost anything over there.

What is important for Udemy user is the way you can buy a course. If you search for specific courses, you can find big differences in a price. Sometimes the course is 39USD and Udemy offers this course for 9,99USD. That’s good news for all potential buyers.

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Also for course creators, Udemy is offering advantages. First of all, you don’t have to take care of promotions on Udemy, you don’t have to pay some monthly fee. Udemy is working for you and they will get fee only after you make some sales.

What is interesting is that there are some really good sports coaching online courses on Udemy. And I am more than happy that volleyball coaching is one of the most searched terms.

I am glad that our online mini volleyball course is just in the first place when you search for volleyball courses. I am not surprised, since this course is full of great advice for coaches working with youths aged 6-12 years.

Of course, you can argue… Why we should start with volleyball with children? The answer is not only related to volleyball. Just look at the other sports. When does a hockey player starts, what about football players and other sports? You know that player under 12 years doesn’t have enough power to set the ball, to spike or serve. But we can work on many other skills and abilities at this age.

There are more interesting online volleyball courses too. Just try them and become a better coach or player.