In the second part of our physical preparation program we will focus on rules of weight lifting program, differences between general and specific volleyball excercises.



quadricepsThe neuromuscular point of view in the training of the strength.
What kind of strength do we want?
Explosive strength: maximum acceleration.
Fast strength: sub-maximum acceleration and resistance.
Slow strength: high resistance and the velocity trends to be constant.
Concentric, eccentric and isometric strength.
Ballistic and ramp contraction. Elastic component or not?
Big muscle's group and little muscles.
Synergy's and analytic work.
Ipertrofic or strength?

General, specific and special exercises:
General exercises create the conditions for the specific work: maximum incursion (all the angles), progressive intensity, and the resistance more than acceleration, maximum strength. Specific exercises develop the type of strength that is necessary for volleyball: specific angle, acceleration, maximum intensity, and explosive strength. Special exercises use the volleyball techniques to develop the specific strength in the special situation: coordination, special angle, maximum acceleration, explosive or fast strength.

The strength's training
The weight lifting training permit to program and to control the parameters to use a specific and individual load.
The increasing of the quantity precedes the intensity's increasing.
The increasing of the resistance (external load) precedes the acceleration's increasing.
In the beginning is necessary to reach the maximum incursion and in a second time the specific angle.
It is necessary to consider the nervous fatigue, not only the metabolic one.
The bust must be strengthening before the arms and legs (centrifugal principal).
Some exercises can be done before the volleyball training and another's after the volleyball training.       .  .    –

77/e parameters of an exercise
Quantity: repetitions, sets.
Intensity: relative intensity (% of the maximum strength), velocity, duration of the recovery (2'- 4').

Number of repetitions     RELATIVE INTENSITY        Number of repetitions
1 100%
1-2 95%
2-3 90%
4-5 85%
6-7 80% 1
8-9 75% 2-3
10-11 70% 4-5
11-12 65% 6-7
15-16 60% 8-9

Rules for the weight lifting training:

It's necessary to do a specific warm up: one set in low intensity.
Take the dumbbells and the barbells from a secure and advantage position of the body. Never get a weight far from the body. Do not start without a proper assistance. Stop any exercise if you have pain.
In the snatch and power clean let fall down the barbell if you don't control it or if there is a technical mistake.
Do not do violent hiper-extension movement. Maintain the back straight when put the barbell down on the floor.

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