When we play volleyball, we need to focus on many things. Volleyballs are coming fast and we need to be ready for many possible situations.

Sideout in volleyball is one of the important things we need to focus on. Since if you don’t have good sideout, you can not expect many points in attack. And we all know that without points in attack, it is very hard to win a game.

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I am here with help from top volleyball coach. Javier Weber was a speaker at volleyball conference World Volleyball Coaches Show and he presented his opinions about sideout in volleyball.

I played against Javier at World championship 2002 in Argentina. I remembered him as a great setter and strategist of the Argentinian team. I met Javier again in 2012 in Argentina. At that time he was coach of Bolivar and I played in UNTREF team.

Javier is a very enthusiastic coach, all participants of our conference can confirm that 😄 Moreover he has very clear views on volleyball and sideout is very important for his team.

On VolleyCountry we want to help you. Learn sideout in volleyball from Javier Weber and become better coach or player.