Want some tips that can help you jump like never before? Discover the proven methods of the top volleyball players.




Triple Extension
What?!? Yes triple extension! I’m not talking about a figure skating jump I’m talking about what has to happen through three different joints to really propel yourself into the air! When taking off in a jump you want to maximize the push in each joint and muscle complex. This means ankle plantar flexion (pointing the toe), knee extension (straightening the knee) and hip extension (hips pushed forward). All of these happening in sequence to propel you into the air are “triple extension”. If you are only extending 1 joint or even 2 you certainly won’t achieve the power necessary to reach great heights! Use all three, however, and you will tap in to more explosiveness than you’ve known before!

It’s all about the booty. Yes I said booty. I want you to learn how to use the glutes (your butt muscles). As per the previous tip you need hip extension and that joint is, by far, your most powerful in your body. If you can tap into you glute power you can extend your hips more forcefully and create more energy for your jump. How do you do this? Think about extending your hips when jumping, use your glutes more when squatting and practice incorporating your glutes in your movements until it is not an effort anymore. This is tougher than you think! You can do almost everything with your legs only…but now try squatting with more glute activity and feel the potential! Your legs will be thankful for the help since your glutes can take you to new heights!

Are you ready for your jump practise? Do first steps and preparation, than try these tips and reach for the stars!

Thanks to Paul Duerden and Kari Schneider for permission to publish this article. Check out their site empowerconditioning or follow them on facebook.