The purpose of this video series is to understand the importance of a good warm-up for the preparation of the body (but also of the mind) of each athlete will face in their efforts, thus reducing the risk of injury that may occur urging muscles and joints “cold”.



The STAFF PREPARAZIONE FISICA Education presents the first in a collection of documents on the warmup for Volleyball Team.

The video offers a warm BASE, which is divided into 3 different train of exercises that athletes perform circuit.
This type of heating has the function of prevention with the help of its unstable elements, a little hint to the call of strength and various gaits.

This small circuit is composed of 3 BASE STATIONS:

– STATION 1: specific strength with lunges forward.
– STATION 2: short path proprioceptive character, with jumps at the foot of equal skimmy and final leap monopodalic support.
– STATION 3: gaits choices athlete.

Time-to station 1 ‘.
– Make 2 complete laps of the circuit.

– Elements proprioceptive (Skimmy)

Team in the video: CHIERI’76 participant in the National Championship Women’s Series B1.
Physical Trainer: Marco Sesia