The essential volleyball skill for playing great defense during the volleyball game is digging. Learn how to keep the ball in play and become great digger with APS.


It’s a game on proper courts for 3-to-3 or 4-to-4, depending on age of players. Extend the tape parallel to the net at its altitude or a little higher (It can be an elastic band stretching between two walls or special net in the frame on wheels). The tape should more or less coincide with an attack line, as you can see on the picture. Players form team B position themselves on the court to defend the ball while team A prepares for setting and spiking the ball. Positions of setter should be marked with a tape in both sides.


Team A begins the game with player T (coach or player) who puts the ball up or performs an overhand pass to the setter who in turn sets it for spiker A. Spiker hits the ball over the net to team B. Defender has to get defensive position in particular place till the ball is attacked by player from team A. After that, defense player has to move towards the ball and put it up over the tape to the zone marked for setter. 2 point is awarded if the ball is directed to the zone accurately and 1 if just goes over the net and falls into another place within the borders of the court.

To make the game easier for younger or less skills players lower the net over which the ball is defended or grant 2 points if it’s directed above the tape within the borders of the court and 1 if player gets it up inside the court but not over the tape. It is recommended to increase the target to which the ball is passed or move it deep into the court.
To make the game more demanding for younger or less skills players reduce the size of the target which the ball is passed to or move it closer the net what can make scoring points more difficult.

source: Akademia Polskiej Siatkówki