Presenting volleyball drill that combines serving and passing the ball can help your team to improve ball control which is the key to both these volleyball skills.


It’s a game played on proper court, depending on age of players. 3 servers stand on the one side of the court behind the end line when 3 receivers place themselves on the opposite side. There is a basket put close the net on a place intended for a setter. Server serves the ball over the net and receivers have to pass it to the target located beside the net, using their forearms. Receiving team can score 2 points if the ball falls into the basket or bounces off it after forearm passing. Each server has to make a correct service five times and then two groups reverse their roles with each other. Teams should act as both receivers and servers.



To make the game easier for younger or less skills players throw the ball over the net (instead of serve it) and let to hit the ball twice during directing it to the target. You can also move the service area towards the net or put more than one basket side by side to increase the target area.

To make the game more demanding for older or higher skills players reduce the size of the target area on the basket and require server to make additional serve after each accurate passing or run to the opposite side and join the group of receivers who make the same rotation but in the opposite direction (in the case of accurate passing receiver runs to the service area).