Perfect pass is when it places the setter in a position to be able to set the ball accurately for an attacker. Work on cooperation with your teammate with the volleyball drill from Akademia Polskiej Siatkówki.



It’s a game played on proper courts three-on-three or four-on-four, depending on age of players. Team A begins with serving the ball towards team A. Then player 1 (A1) passes and directs the ball to player 2 (A2), standing on the square of 1,5 m, marked near the net (as you can see on the picture). A2 sets the ball for player 3 (A3) who attacks it back to the opposite side. 1 point will be scored if the ball is passed accurately towards the square zone and can be set overhead for an attacker. The game goes on till the ball falls to the ground.

Teams take turns serving the ball, no matter which one won previous action. Rotation follows after each completed action. 


To make the game easier for younger or less skills players, require players to make only a good passing to particular zone and grant point even if the ball is not set correctly. Coach can put the ball into play making precise service (of specific strength) or player serve or throw the ball standing closer the net.

To make the game more demanding for older or higher skills players, play 2 vs 2 and reduce the size of the zone to 1 meter or move it towards the right line. You can also determine the way that the ball has to be set (overhead or forearm set) to the attack area (square of 1,5 m) marked beside the right sideline.