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If anything, positive can be taken from the last year, it’s largely that it has given many of us an opportunity to explore new options in hobbies and passions, and particularly those that have aimed at getting a little physical activity in too. One of the more popular sports for many during this period of time has been with Volleyball as many have found a growing interest, and even particularly true with the likes of betting options with promo codes found at – but if you’re getting ready to get out to the court and start playing for the first time, what are some essentials important for you to pick up?

Some good shoes and socks – With any sport, having a good pair of shoes for playing in makes all the difference, and with so much movement in volleyball they can certainly save yourself some hassle further down the line, not only through preventing injury but also just for comfort whilst playing. There are shoes specifically designed for volleyball, and whilst you may pay a small premium for these specific shoes, they’re certainly worth looking at. Similarly, socks may feel like a strange thing to pay extra for, but many can provide a little extra support as well as having moisture wicking properties to help reduce sweating too.

Knee and elbow pads – You’ll be diving around a lot and sliding on the ground to catch the ball, so it’s important to be protected at the same time. Kneepads are certainly an essential here, with some courts not even allowing you to play without the protection, and a great pair may be a little more expensive but can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Elbow pads are much less necessary, but you can certainly take some bumps on the arm during your time playing too, so if you’re just starting out and looking to minimise risk early, they certainly can help develop your form and keep you protected early.

A quality water bottle – Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you paying a little extra for a quality water bottle can make all the difference, something to keep your water ice cold throughout the day, and can hold enough to keep you hydrated through any length of sporting session too – whilst there aren’t any issues with the reusable plastic bottles, if you’re outside on a hot day without any shade for your belongings, you’ll soon find yourself running out of cold water, so invest in your own hydration.

There is certainly other gear that could fit this list such as your shorts and headband, or even your own ball and pump to bring to practice too but make yourself a checklist and start ticking things off – you don’t need everything all at once, but getting some essentials can certainly help you getting started and can make your progress much easier in a shorter period of time.