The goal of this volleyball exercise is to score point by spike. The game has to be played on proper ground and it is for three-to-three or four-to-four, depending on age of players.




1. Description

The game starts when player from team A serves the ball towards team B. Team B has to bounce the ball three times (passing, setting, spike) and scores points on condition that attack was made at the form of hit. Team is rewarded with 1 point for every attempt to make a hit. There are no points if the ball was heat to net (i.e. undesirable mistake), however, team score 1 point even if player will put the ball out (i.e. permissible mistake). Team receive 2 points for keeping the ball in game or 3 ones for final attack of the action.

The play go on till the ball fall to the ground and then 1 point is granted to winning team. After every finished action the team which serves the ball changes, no matters which one won previous action. Also players change their positions. It must be noted that during the game players have to focus on different ways of attack such as powerful cross-court or line shot, power tip and open hand tip.

2. Variants

To make the game easier for younger or less skills players, need to:

  • throw the ball to opposite side instead of serve;
  • lower the net;
  • play on the court of adequate dimensions for particular age group and increase at the same time quantity of players (5×5 or 6×6).


To make the play more demanding for older or higher skills players, need to:

  • grant points only for completing the action by spike;
  • grant points only for performing particular type of attack (open hand tip, power tip, ‘kill’);
  • grant points only if ball will be putted to particular area of court (from one side of the court to other side, down the line or to back central part of court).

source: Akademia Polskiej Siatkowki