Volleyball exercise to help spikers to increase their accuracy of attack. This exercise has to be made on proper ground and it is a play three-to-three or four-to-four, depending on age of players.





Half of the ground is divided into 6 zones, according to the drawing (front zones and the middle-back one are worth 1 point, while two back zones which are on the verge of the ground are worth 2 points). Receiver from team A (P) passes the ball towards setter (R), who set it to spiker (A). Then spiker has to put the ball to particular zone, also in particular way (strong hit, off-speed hit or standing spike). After every attack team receives as many points as the zone which the ball was directed to is worth. Spiker can do forearms or overhead bounce to save the ball from a fall but in this case team does not score points (spike has to be obligatory made by one hand over head). Teams take turns serving (throwing) the ball, no matter which one won action. Rotation follows after every finished action or after performing fixed task.


To make the play easier for younger or less skills players, need to:

  • play on larger ground or lower a net;
  • throw the ball directly to setter at every beginning of action.


To make the play more demanding for older or higher skills players, need to:


  • determine type of attack;
  • require players to tell what type of attack are they going to do;
  • grant points only for finished spike;
  • divide the ground on 9 zones ( zones which are located the closest to net and those the farthest from it are worth 3 points; external, middle zones and middle-back one – 2 points; central zone – 1 point);
  • determine which zone the ball has to be directed to.

source: Akademia Polskiej Siatkowki