Jenny Lang Ping is one of the best volleyball coach in the world. Lang Ping in Beijing won silver medal with United States. Now, she is a coach of Chinese team, Evergrande Kanton. What are the best volleyball exercise, what is the most important in volleyball training in Jenny Lang Ping opinion?


Jenny Lang Ping says about exercises, which was popular, when she played in volleyball. – Coordination is very important. We did a lot of stretching exercises. We also did a lot of weight training to build stronger muscles and protect against injury. We only did a little speed training.


Coach of Evergrande Kanton, also adds, that – If you are not very coordinated, you cannot catch up with the ball and you are not very aggressive. 


For Lang Ping not only coordination is important. She believes also in training for muscular development. – I discovered that we cannot go too heavy because it may eventually hurt the athlete’s back. We get a lot of back injuries, so we use light weights. However, volleyball players must also spend a lot time working on defense, which means having strong legs – just know how much weight they can handle.

Lang Ping discoveries to us her ways to taking the training. – The athletes block to move back onto defense and then move to hit and move into a jump. We go up and down, up and down, like in transitions.


How work Jenny Lang Ping and her players on speed? – We do a lot of movements in the gym, but not much running. You do not really need to do that because the longest rally in volleyball takes maybe 30 seconds. Starting speed (first step) is really important. We work on that a lot with technique.

In summary, what draws attention Jenny Lang Ping among players? – I look for coordination most of all, followed by quickness. I do not really worry about their strength, because you can always train them later with the weights. However, it is difficult if you are not coordinated. There is also the mental aspect.