Are your knee pads good? Are you satisfied with their functions and shape? Do they protect your knees all the time? If your answer is NO to at least one question, continue reading.

There are plenty of volleyball knee pads on the market. Mizuno, Asics, and Nike are among the more popular manufacturers. But are their products good or could they be better?

You know the feeling when you land on the floor hard on your knees. Do you have scrapes and burns after such a landing? Do you have to check and position your knee pads several times during your practise?

These are some of the questions we had in mind when we started our planning regarding creation of volleyball knee pads. Our goal was to make quality knee pads which everyone loves. So we invested endless hours and effort to find out which are the main attributes of great knee pads.

We found out that:

  1. You want knee pads which protect the whole knee
  2. Protection has to be good, no more scrapes and burns
  3. No more pain when hitting the floor
  4. Knee pads have to be soft and comfortable
  5. They HAVE to look nice

Once we knew the answers, we decided to create the ultimate volleyball knee pads. Such that will fulfil all your needs and will make your volleyball practise amazing.

So here we are today, standing proudly with our VolleyCountry volleyball knee pads available on Amazon.

We assure you we invested a lot of time and energy to make them as good as possible. On the other hand, if you think our product can become even better and you want us to improve it, let us know. We value any feedback.