What is a recipe for a success of your team? Mark Roesen, the Head Coach at University of Michigan, supposes that the best idea is identification and focusing on the areas that will most help your team succeed.

This solution is called „Deliberate Practise”. What means deliberate? It is a synonym of the word aware, intentional. You should focus on deliberate practise during organizing and preparing for teams practice sessions.


Very important factor is maximum use of time. Roesen thinks, that one of the most significant keys to success is identification and focusing on the areas that will most help your team succeed. These will be different for every team or at different levels of play. You should find the strong parts your team and focus on improve them. This is a simple concept, but one that I think is often overlooked. When you accurately evaluate what earns points for your team you have 50% success. Now you must just work, work and once again work on them. You must know that you can’t neglect all of the other skills of the game, but spend a significant amount of time on those key areas.


Another important factor is maximize contacts with the ball. When warming  up in practice, find a way to get them moving and warm, but incorporate a ball in the process. Mark Rosesen explains this situation in easy way. If we use 15 minutes of time each day doing movement exercises without a ball then stretching, that would add up to over 50 hours of time in the course of one season. That would add up to over 200 hours of training time over the course of a player’s career in our program. In my opinion, 200 hours of quality time learning how to control the ball is invaluable!


Mark Roesen recommends keeping the pace of practices and drills fast. The game will seem slow and manageable for our players if we train at a faster pace than the match will be played at.


Second part of Deliberate Practice soon.

Source: avca.org