Destinee Hooker, USA Volleyball’s best spiker is one of the world’s best volleyball athletes today. She attributes her success on the court to her efforts in the weight room.


One exercise that caught us all by surprise during filming was the Single Leg Squat on Bosu with Tennis Ball Pass. This exercise falls into the “unstable surface training” segment because of the pressure it puts on every muscle in your body to stay alert and react accordingly based on the delivery of each and every tennis ball. Destinee focuses on balance first and reaction second. This exercise, when done correctly improves your ability to adjust to change in direction faster and with a more fluid motion.

Destinee Hooker – Single Leg Squat on Bosu with Tennis Ball Pass 

Description: Stand on one leg (slightly bent at the knee) on a Bosu Board. Raise the other leg a couple inches off the board. While keeping your balance first catch a tennis ball in one hand. After you catch the tennis ball rotate your body forward and touch the tennis ball to the board and then back to your starting position. Keep your balance throughout the exercise. To get Destinees complete 8-week workout program visit: