Hello, guys! :))

Do you remember my last blog post? My volleyball wish list for 2017?

In the first days of January  I wrote down 10 volleyball wishes that I’d want to come true in 2017.  Well, number 5 – to go to at least one Champions League match – checked.

Last week I had the chance to visit the match between Azimut Modena – SKRA Bełchatów in Modena (actually I attended 2 matches, but the first one was from the SuperLega: Modena vs. Molfetta).

You know I am not going to talk to you about the match itself, but about the impact it had on me.

Long story short – inspiration.  Reminder of the things that make your heart beat faster.

You know these moments in your life when you are just sitting somewhere and you know, you just know, that you have lost your inner guide. Too many stupid things had been on your poor head for too long. You know that from outside it all looks perfect, but you feel like something is not going right (or not right for you).

And you are kind of scared because …well because you think you can’t feel anymore. I know it sounds pretty serious, but that’s it. And I am sure we all have had these moments.  Moments when we feel lost and panicked on what we are doing with our lives. Is the pat that I am following the right one for me? Do I wake up early in the morning expecting the day with joy or I wake up with the feeling that all my emotions are gone? Actually yesterday I had a very interesting class at university – we talked about the concept of disappearance. When people from modern society are so much tired of everything and the daily routine that they just want to escape. Into the wild.

In my life, there are two things that I have always turned to when feeling down (or when wishing to run away). Literature and volleyball.

As I discovered volleyball before falling deeply in love with books so, maybe volleyball is like my longest love relationship – and it always gives me the right answers when I need them most.  

We have had our ups and downs in this relationship, but volleyball has always been there for me. Much more than just a sport.

And also this happened to me on my volleyball (but not only) trip to Modena.

It is amazing how life could remind you with some so simple details who you truly are and where you belong.  And in my case this was volleyball. Again.

I am not going to tell you details how I and my friend were about to miss the train and how funny it was eventually catching it. But I am going to tell you about the feeling that I had when we stepped out of the taxi, right in front of Pala Panini,  and seeing  so many people going to the Pala (Dove la pallavolo é di casa … >> Where the volleyball is at home…).

Since I live in Spain I’ve missed a lot going to matches attended by many people, so I keep on impressing myself when I see many people, loving the game, in the sports hall.

Having entered in that sports hall for me was pure emotion. Not the first time when I am in Modena, though it was amazing to feel again the atmosphere of Italian and world class volleyball.

Seeing the fans singing songs and supporting their teams (also there were fans of SKRA Bełchatów  having come from Poland to cheer up their favourite players).

What else?

Great volleyball, great fans, great plays.  Great atmosphere and great professionals.

And my feeling that this is the right thing. Volleyball is the right thing. Playing with promo codes from Betfirst could be also right thing.

I met some great people I didn’t expect I would meet and meanwhile, I was proved right that I have amazing friends ready to make unexpected trips with me just because … we are sharing the same vibe.

Yeah, life showed me it could put the right people, even for 4 days, in your way…just to remind you who you are.

Talking about my relationship with volleyball…

It is the metaphore that ..the best things in life come unexpectedly. They are not rational. Destiny is not rational. Because when your heart knows, it just knows.  Clicheé but true one.

And maybe that’s why we love volleyball. Because it’s touching our hearts and it’s inspiring us.