The success and the positive results in sports are not only a fruit of a chance, but also they are following a long a laborious process. Mini volleyball should be paid a lot of attention since we could find the future volleyball stars among the kids that play today.

What is the role of mini-volley in today’s volleyball world? The answer is simple- future lies in the hands of mini-volley. But what is the process of develop a future volleyball player?


This process must not skip a stage of growth and formation. Only this is the way to avoid lagoons and malformations of the future athlete. An effective work on behalf of the coach with resources to execute his functions, and the support and interest of the child and its parents – this is the right formula to realize a wide formation.

According to Marcos Lerbach (Coach of the Brazilian Selection Junior since 1982), “The formation (training) is a sports sequence and we must have a lot of care with the precocious specialization, since this one can close the door to the later growth “.

To play in limited or small spaces give the children more individual contacts and at the end the child will have more opportunities of development of the fundamental skills. In addition, the trainer or league can determine the height of the mesh to achieve aims of major actions of game and / or to develop individual skills.

In my personal opinion it is a disadvantage  to make children still have not developed intellectually, physically and technically for the game of volleyball play in wide spaces.
Another concept that it is not necessary to overlook is that the volleyball is a sport of team work and not individual. Therefore the child is learning from this early age how to be a team player and to give its best for its teammates. This is very important regarding sports which are not individual.

In this stage of formation of the child, the coach must devote to the technical part of the  development across the game using the following concept- “Without pass, we cannot set and if we cannot set, we cannot attack”. If the pupils do not learn well from the beginning these three fundamental aspects, they will never become good volleyball players.

Something that coaches shouldn’t  forget and definitely is a crucial part of the development of the child, is the exposition to injuries because of bad or wrong trainings and excess of games to this early age. So we must be careful with our children if we want to prevent injuries in the future.

To finish, I’d like to mention again words of the coach Lerbach, “As coaches, we must evaluate constantly the state of development of the player “.

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