Hello, volleyball lovers! 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend and now you will welcome the new week with positive energy! Yes, I know Mondays are tough but …Come on! We can survive them!  J)

Talking about Mondays…Last Monday I went to the office where I work now and in the time scheduled for lunch, I was browsing the Internet when I opened the biggest Bulgarian volleyball website. 

You know, on the home page of site there are usually the hottest news about the biggest teams, stars etc.

What did I see on the main page?  I was so surprised to see that one of the main articles was dedicated to my home club. Here I must tell you this club is not the biggest, not even among the biggest ones in Bulgaria.

But thanks to this club I learnt a lot about life. Let me tell you why.

I was around 10 years old when I first started volleyball trainings with my mum who is an ex-volleyball player. She showed me the most important things but the biggest problem was that in the town where we used to live at that moment there was no volleyball club.

And I wanted to train so badly! I wanted to have my team ( I was so inspired by some matches between Bulgarian vs. France) so I started to dream! To dream a lot about how I could start training professionally.

I even went to an Internet club (yes, by that time we did not have personal PC or Internet connection all the time) and somehow I found the email address to one of (at least to me!) the biggest volleyball coaches  – Aleksandar Popov (CSKA) and I sent him an email asking him about possibilities to join the team. And surprise! He answered (I am pretty sure he does not remember that case but still…I do). He explained to me the details etc.

So, here we go:

Lesson 1: If you really want something, you have to risk. You cannot stand there, waiting for the luck to come on your side. Luck is attracted by those who search for it.

Unfortunately, my parents weren’t ok with my idea to move to another town at the age of 12 and leave my education (at 13 in Bulgaria we have important exams in order to enter the best high schools).

So, I had to leave behind my dream to join CSKA and stay in my home town.

But what to do with that fire burning inside? I wanted to play volleyball, I wouldn’t live without that sport. I tried basketball but it wasn’t definitely my thing.

So… why not create a brand new club in my home town?   My parents wouldn’t support me on moving in another town but they were totally in for the idea to create a volleyball club where kids could play – for fun, for health and why not in the future – for some good results.

So, the other part is history, as they say. Thanks to my parents, thanks to two of the biggest sports people in my country (Viktor Karagyozov – ex head coach of Youth’s national team and his wife – Iva  Shkodreva  – Karagyozova – former European Champion in biathlon); thanks to some sportsmen in my hometown and thanks to ordinary (only at first sight!) people who wanted  to help – magic happened! In November 2003 we founded the first volleyball club in my hometown.

Lesson 2:  If you have a dream, go after it. Do not give up because of circumstances. Circumstances change. But if you are sure what you dream of is really what you want,  you can turn negative circumstances in something positive.

Lesson 3: Surround yourself with people you can really rely on, people who you could call “Your Team”.  And that’s true about everything in life – not only sports; not only volleyball. No matter how talented we are, how good we are at what we do, we all need true people around us. People whom we can trust; people who know not only the good parts in us but also the bad ones. But instead of demotivate you, they push you to give your best in what you are doing. They push you to develop.

So, we started trainings in 2003. And till date I consider myself a lucky girl  remembering these first lessons volleyball gave me.

During the years  I have enjoyed the game with all my heart; I have met my best friends on the field; I have suffered a lot but I was happy. Because I have found my real sports  love and we still have this great relationship.

Due to some injuries I had to stop with trainings and go into journalism. But my love is still there.

Lesson 4: If love is real, distance and time really don’t matter.

So… Back to the beginning of this post. I opened this volleyball web site and I saw the name of my home club on the main page.

I read the article. Boys’  team led by a young coach who is a friend of mine because we used to train also together have had some good results beating important teams .

I looked at the photo. Yes.  The one that you also see in this article.  And I saw the faces of these kids and their smiles. So, I smiled back at me (probably looking like an idiot J). Because, 13 years later I can say- WE DID IT! It was all worth it to fight because of the smiles of these kids and thanks to all these wonderful people who dedicated their time to the club.

Dreams are worth it. 

Photo credit: BgVolleyball