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Sometimes life is unfair. When you’re a kid you’re taught that if you do good things, nothing could go wrong. But when you’re growing up you realize that not everything is as you expected it. Sometimes suffer most those who don’t deserve it.

What brought me into those negative thoughts?
I often don’t understand the world itself- wars, hate etc. But what hurts me the most is seeing kids suffering, paying for something that they’re not guilty of.
Where is the volleyball part, you’d might ask? Here we come.
Volleyball always meant to me more than just a sport. During the years it showed me its wonderful power. The biggest one is to unite people.
Some days ago a little angel passed away.
Stefan Vujevic. 5 years old. Son of Goran Vujevic– a well-known volleyball player, captain of Sir Safety Perugia. Owner of gold medal of the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 and many other titles.
Maybe this doesn’t mean a lot now. Maybe to Goran and his family the pain is so big that they don’t even think about medals, titles and what they’ve achieved. But here is the little miracle. In this difficult times you see that you’re not alone. It won’t bring the pain away, but at least it would “warm the soul” a bit.
PalaEvangelisti honored the little Stefan on Saturday. All the games in SerieA1 in this round has begun with a minute of silence. A minute of silence that shows a lot. It shows us what respect and support in today’s world mean. It shows that sports, and volleyball in particular, is not only about hitting the ball, going through competitions and winning medals or losing important games.
Yes, most of the time this is the main part of it. But there are always those small moments, when volleyball brings us to the eternal values of the society. Values like friendship, honesty, support.
We all have lost somebody in our lives. Or we will.This is part of our existence. A part that always makes me thinking about the real sense of what’s happening. Is it the career or not? Is it achieving what the others can not achieve or not? Or maybe it is leaving something behind you, helping the others?


I already have my answer, but it doesn’t mean it is the same for people all over the world. We are different and the answers are different.
But I will not understand why small kids die, or why are they suffering living in a misery in different parts of the world; I will not understand why awful things happen.
What I’ve surely have understood is that a helping hand is always welcomed. The volleyball world has showed it once again in the case with Vujevic and his family. It is a hard way to be seen , but I hope that this would help us realize that volleyball is not only games, points and medals.
If you’re reading this, maybe it means that volleyball is a permanent part of your life. No matter if you’re a player, a coach, a supporter etc.This is why I hope that this part of our lives is a part that it would help us learn how to be better people. Because …it seems that in the end this is what matters the most.
Once again, may Stefan’s soul be in a better place and may all of us find our answers one day.