The sport of volleyball is ubiquitous today, as more than 800 million people play it regularly, but it didn’t start out that way. Created by William G. Morgan, a YMCA instructor in Holyoke, Massachusetts, this past time has humble beginnings.

Morgan had the idea of developing a game that combined elements of baseball, tennis, basketball and handball, all in a sport that necessitated minimal physical contact when compared to other competitive activities such as basketball. Once it showed up on the athletic landscape, it didn’t take long before devoted fans were showing up worldwide. In fact, the evolution of this sport was much faster than what many expected.

If you want to learn more about volleyball, you will want to take a look at the “From Set To Set – A History Of Volleyball” infographic. You will be taken through the entire history of the sport so that you can see how it evolved. That will be really interesting due to the fact that you can so easily gain some information that you never knew anything about. We can give you some examples so that you can see exactly what to expect from this highly interesting sports infographic.

Contrary to popular belief, volleyball is a sport that is over 120 years old. There are currently 800 million regular players, which is much more than what many expect given the current number of people that attend matches. Many fans in Australia are using bet365 bonus code australia for their betting on volleyball.

Volleyball appeared in the year 1895 and nobody expected the sport to reach the popularity it has today. We are referring to a sport that is played all around the world, with various events that offer millions of dollars in prizes. The original name of the game was “Mintonette” and the special volleyball ball that we see used today appeared 5 years later.

The three hits per side rule appeared much earlier than we think, around the year 1917. In the year 1922 the very first volleyball competition took place in Brooklyn, New York. Alternatively, the first ever 2 people beach volleyball competition took place in 1948. As you can see, by the year 1950, volleyball was so much more advanced than what you surely thought right now.

As you are surely aware of at the moment, volleyball is an Olympic sport. This has been happening since 1957, when the sport was officially added as an Olympic sport. Along the years, the US managed to gain many medals at the Olympics with the volleyball team. You can see all the stats about the medals in the infographic.

The facts that we mentioned above are just some of those that you can see in the volleyball infographic that we present here. We are quite sure that many do not know anything about various facts that were written. Even hardcore volleyball fans have no idea about some of the facts here. We truly present an infographic that is really interesting and that should be seen by every single volleyball fan out there, no matter if the person is just a fan or a volleyball player.