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Volleyball is a great outdoor game that many of us play and enjoy. For all of us, it is a productive way to kill time. However, for professional players like Sergio Dutra Santos, Yekaterina Gamova, Osmany Juantorena, and many others, it is more than that.

These are some of the finest players in the volleyball arena. And there is nothing else behind their success other than core hard work and dedication. If you are one of the volleyball lovers and look up to become like them, you need to have the same spirit as they have. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to train and perform like them. For this, you need to have a plan.

The type of training required for various volleyball stages is different. In this article, we will help you discover some brilliant ways via which you can enhance your on-court performance.

When you have training

Training is essential for every athlete, no matter if you play basketball, volleyball, or any other sport. Yes, the type of exercises and workouts will be different, but the major motive is the same, to enhance your stamina and endurance.

If you have a normal training day and do not have a game, there are some workouts you can do to keep yourself ready.

Strength training

Strength is the factor that helps you serve and hit the ball hard enough to keep your opponent behind you. Moreover, it also helps in moving swiftly on the court. Here are some strength exercises to do on a training day:

  • Dumbbells Good Morning. This exercise is done with two dumbbells by taking them from the thigh position down towards your feet and then right back up. You need to do three sets of 10 reps each.
  • Side to side twist with the overhead press. You need to take the plate in your hands and twist it side to side in the 3 and 9 position, followed by the overhead press while seated on your butt. You have to do 3 sets of 20 reps each.
  • Lateral lunge with a press. You should do this in 3 sets with 16 reps each. Hold the weight you can handle in front of your chest and take a step out while keeping the leg straight and sit on your other leg in a squat. Press the weight out in front of you and return to your original position.

Other than these, you can add exercises like lunge with a twist, dumbbell snatch, dumbbell pullover, and more.


For volleyball players, the best style of conditioning is High-Intensity Interval Training. It should include the following:

  • Box Jumps
  • Shuffles
  • Jump, Shuffle, Jump, Sprint

Perform all of these exercises and stay away from making any workout mistakes that may affect your overall performance.

When you have a game

When you have a game, it is necessary to warm up well before that.

The key need for a warm-up is to prevent injuries during the game and make your body ready for movements during the game. You can indulge in ball throw, crosscourt pepper, pass and weave, two-way pepper, and other warm-up drills before the game.

Other than that, you can also perform the following exercises before the game:

  • Lateral lunge
  • Walking quad stretch
  • Straight-leg Deadlift Walk
  • Forward Lunge Walks
  • Forward Hand Walks

Other than that, you also need to take care of the following:

  1. Be clear about your role on the court. This will help you focus on your skills. For example, if you are an attacker, you need to focus on the hitting skills more before the game.
  2. Visualize the court. This is purely based on your imagination. To win the game, you need to have a moving picture in your mind about the opponent and your movements. Imagine how you and your opponents may plan attacks and defense. Based on that, devise strategies to counteract them. Music will help in visualization.
  3. Keep your body full of energy. You need to eat the right food and have enough water before and within the game. Some of the pre-game food items for a volleyball player are fruits, crackers, bread with jam, rice, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.
  4. Get the right amount of sleep (at least 8 hours a day) during the day before your important game. It will help you be mentally prepared for the game. You can also read your favorite book or listen to music before the game.

When you rest

If you have worked hard all week, you need to have rest days to get the maximum benefits from your workouts. Hence, you need to set aside one or two days for resting. But resting does not mean you have to sit around all day.

You can go out for a casual walk or run. Moreover, you can indulge yourself in other outdoor games that you like. Apart from this, fuel up your body with nutritious food and drinks. Give your body time and energy for the next week’s workout.

Another great solution is to watch your favorite volleyball players. It might help you analyze their techniques and playing styles. During your next match, you can try mimicking their moves. Thus, with proper resources, you can get everything done at your home. But there may be some online resources that might not be easily accessible. For this, you can use a VPN app. It will not only give you access to the required resources but will also secure your online connection.