Be it through an informative podcast or an educational YouTube video, volleyball fans consume various forms of media that focus on the sport they know and love. In today’s world, there certainly isn’t a shortage of helpful offerings in the space, with volleyball lovers being able to watch content on their laptops and scroll through the feeds of authoritative accounts on social media platforms like Instagram. Put simply, there are so many useful resources for fans to look at in today’s innovative climate.

After all, volleyball connoisseurs are no different from sports supporters in other areas. For example, one look at the world of soccer and the passionate fans that follow it highlights the array of offerings admirers of the beautiful game can explore. Some fans listen to podcasts hosted by ex-players, others make the most of Premier League fantasy football products and indulge in some live betting opportunities, while other members of the soccer fraternity read blogs and follow the social media accounts of respected commentators. The options are comprehensive and they’re the type of resources that volleyball fans can also explore.

Thankfully, the volleyball faithful also have access to a plethora of viable offerings that can enhance their viewing experience and enable them to keep tabs on the sport in more detail. Of course, volleyball isn’t as popular as soccer, resulting in fewer offerings, but there are still some impressive options that volleyball fanatics continue to use in 2024. Let’s take a look at some of the most favoured options below.

The very best volleyball podcasts to listen to

A form of media you can listen to in the car on the way to a game or after returning home following an epic feast of volleyball with some friends in a local venue, people everywhere listen to volleyball podcasts. There are so many productions to assess here, although some standout podcasts have began to surface when assessing the views of fans online. For starters, The USA Volleyball Show is a fantastic podcast to consider, particularly if you’re wanting to hear from some of the biggest names in the sport and follow a podcast that tends to feature the top events on the calendar. Another strong podcast, Dig City – Purdue Volleyball Podcast is a gem, with listeners being able to hear respected coaches, Dave Shondell and Cory Palm, talk about all things related to the Boilermakers and the world of college volleyball in general. SANDCAST is another enticing production in the space, with stories focused on beach volleyball and the various trials and tribulations professional players have to endure. Likewise, The VolleyPod presented by The Art of Coaching Volleyball is also worth considering, although it does have a strong focus on youth volleyball and how to teach it. Still, it’s an absorbing listen. If you’re wanting to hear from former players who have been there and done it, though, then Passin Dimes Podcast is the one for you. Hosted by former FIVB player Dallas Keith and Team Canada Performance Analyst Josh Nichol, it’s easily one of the best volleyball-related podcasts out there.

There are some excellent volleyball apps to download

Given society’s reliance on smartphones in the modern environment, sports fans everywhere have a comprehensive selection of apps to choose from. Volleyball enthusiasts are no different, with a large range of apps dedicated to the sport. For example, when it comes to playing volleyball, options like VBall ScoreMaster are useful. The app keeps track of the score for you and offers several eye-catching themes for players to choose from. Likewise, if you’re a volleyball coach or a player, then options like Volleyball Stat! might come in handy. An app that monitors team rotation during practice, while also having the capability to track in-game statistics and more, it’s a solid product. Away from the action on the sand are apps that look at the professional world of volleyball, with fans being able to explore options like SofaScore, an app that offers real-time score updates and features any team roster changes and the like. The BBC Sport app is another go-to option fans use here, particularly as it provides relevant news and contains fascinating insights into volleyball from around the world.


Volleyball lovers also watch YouTube

If your ideal scenario is to be able to watch volleyball-related video content and learn about the sport in more detail, then YouTube is an online destination that is capable of delivering everything you need. Fans of other sports are loyal to the platform, particularly given the variety of uploads that are accessible on the video sharing service. You can hear from coaches, ex-players with experiences to share, people with a passion for the sport, and loads more. Elevate Yourself is one channel that definitely deserves a mention here, especially as it’s clearly doing something right given the 780,000 subscribers it has at the time of writing. Offering everything from how to master jump techniques when playing, to vlogs at major tournaments, it’s a truly brilliant channel to have at your disposal. Although Volleyball World doesn’t have the same type of following as Elevate Yourself, it’s a channel that shares content you’ll want to see. The official YouTube channel of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), it boasts match highlights, interviews with top players, access to live streams, and plenty more. Additionally, All Volleyball warrants some attention here, with this all-encompassing resource offering an abundance of worthwhile material to check out. You can watch a compelling interview with a professional player one week, before attempting to execute a skill tutorial video the next. Volleyball Explained offers something similar, although it tends to take a more in-depth look at the finer details of the sport, perhaps around strategies to employ and a variety of other mechanics that makes volleyball such an interesting sport to follow.