We see a plenty of news on the Football Euro 2021 or actually Euro 2020 but set on 2021. It is a bit confusing, right? Nevertheless, the jalkapallon euro 2021 is set to start on the June 11th of the year 2021. However, we wish we could be so imperative about the Euro Volley 2021. The situation has reached the peak of indecisiveness, yet we do come across an update or two now and then. So, here’s everything we know till date.

Logo Unveiled

On June 19, 2020, the CEV (European Volleyball Confederation) officially unveiled the logo of the Euro Volley 2021 for both Men and Women. They have published 2 separate trailers for Men’s European Volleyball Championship and Women’s European Volleyball Championship.

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The trailers not only showed the exciting new logos for the much-coveted competition, they bring back previous memories. Euro 2019 was a blast, and achieved a huge success with more than half a million people following the competition. The trailer did justice to the four respective host countries for both Men and Women’s competition.

Note that, the host countries for the EuroVolley 2021 Men are Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland, while the women’s competition are hosted by Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. All of these countries present a tremendous force to the game.

They have a large fan following, and volleyball enthusiast in the countries. Not to mention, the ambiance, the culture of the countries when mixed with that of volleyball, it becomes truly amazing. They have a lot to offer for the volleyball, and expected that the viewers and followers will surpass all of previous years.

This particular Logo Unveiling wasn’t usual, yet, CEV managed to pull off the event pretty great. They hosted a Facebook Live Session with stars like Tijana Boskovic, Eda Erdem, Cansu Özbay, Anne Buijs, Klemen Cebulj, Jan Kozamernik, Sam Deroo and Barthélémy Chinenyeze.

These volleyball superstars enjoyed the trailers along with millions of viewers, and later on shared their experiences, nostalgia about the competition.

Tentative Calendar for the European Volleyball Championship Qualifiers

Eurovolley was initially scheduled to take place in 2020. Like many other pre planned programs around the globe, this too had to be shifted to a later date. The CEV has given tentative dates in the past, however, after multiple meetings and video conferences, they rolled out a new schedule for both genders. Note that, like most other schedules for now, this is also subject to change based on the pandemic.

The significant change is in the competition format. Now, there won’t be home and away matches between every country, instead they have limited it to 2 countries per pool. Also, they have kept matches of one pool of both Men and Women in the late summer of 2020. Men’s Volleyball Championship Qualifiers is set to begin on August 30, with Pool D matches in Cyprus.

The Women’s Qualifiers will start sooner, scheduled on August 26th in Latvia, where Pool F matches will be played. However, with the Pandemic still at large, the dates will most probably change.

The winners of each pool and 5 runners up in the Men’s Competition will progress to the Championship tournament. They will play along with the hosts, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland.

In the Women’s side, six pool winners and runners up will advance to the ultimate competition, and will play alongside the 4 hosts, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.

Final Words

The Volleyball, though not as popular as cricket or football, is still a massively enjoyed game. The Championship Tournament dates back to 1948, and started with only 6 teams. At the initial years, eastern European countries dominated. From 1967 to 1987 Soviet Union took the competition within their own dominance.

In total, they have won a total of 12 titles, still being the most title winners. Serbia won the 2019 championship, the championship which marked a new beginning. The pandemic halted all the expectations we had, still we hope we can go at it with full strength soon.