The upcoming Men’s European Volleyball Championship is set to get underway in 2023. It will be hosted by four countries, in particular, Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia, and Israel. All teams are directly qualified for the tournament as they are host countries. The other eight teams from Poland, Serbia, Netherlands, Germany, France, and other countries will also participate in the contest as they have been the eight best-ranked teams in 2021.

There is also a qualification tournament that will be held between the remaining 24 teams – there are still 12 slots vacant in the championship. All the best players in the world are eyeing the championship for their countries as Italy is currently ranked as the number one team in the world, followed by Slovenia and Poland. If one wants to witness this exhilarating tournament but cannot afford it, one can open the Captain Cooks Casino login page, create an account and use a chance of obtaining extra earnings with which they can easily attend the match.

Upcoming Dates and Venues of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship

The Men’s Eurovolley tournament is scheduled to take place between Aug. 28 and Sept. 16. Italy is the defending champion, along with the other organizing nations, and will eventually host the tournament. Bologna will host the final four of the entire tournament schedule, and five different locations are chosen for the Italian stages of the championship. This will be the fifth time that Italy will be hosting this tournament, as it has now become the country that has hosted it the most.

The Rules and Regulations of the Tournament

Over the past few tournaments held, one can quickly identify the rules and regulations of the entire tournament as the average number of sets that can be completed is 3.72, which clearly signifies the importance of three sets of win. More than 80% of the games were conducted in four groups. Only 19% of the games needed an extra set to decide the winner.

The fouls of the matches need to be taken complete care of as these kinds of incidents do happen all the time. The conflicts between players also need to be resolved by the management and coaches to identify all the requirements of each player.

History of the Tournament

The history of this prestigious tournament shows that the Soviet Union pretty much dominated the early years, as, during the first 17 tournaments, they earned 12 gold medals. Between the years 1967-87, they won every single time. Italy comes next in this record as they had a dream run in the 90s to the mid-2000s. They last won in the year 2021, and they will look forward to regaining the title in the coming year.