If you’re missing the thrill of live sports, then we understand – it’s been a rough few days since the NBA and the NCAA both canceled their seasons. And while watching recorded matches isn’t quite the same experience as going to watch any kind of live sports event, thankfully, plenty of classic volleyball matches are at your fingertips! Why not take a break from all the doom and gloom in the world and watch the best volleyball games of the last year? If you’re a true fan, most of these games you should have watched, but they definitely won’t hurt to revisit. Those just starting out on this journey should start with these legendary matches.

What to Watch for Volleyball Fans?

Do you want to know what are the best volleyball games you should watch? Although it is impossible to make some kind of objective rating, since a lot depends on personal preferences, we will still try. Here are the most notable and legendary games that have affected the entire world of volleyball.

#1 Oregon vs Washington

Oregon has been turning heads in the Pac-12, as the No. 7 team in the AVCA’s most recent poll. They have put together an impressive 10-2 record with notable wins over Stanford, and only suiting losses to Minnesota and Penn State – two teams that are also highly ranked. Despite this strong showing, it is clear they will need to continue to prove their worth against a much more formidable opponent; Washington is sure to provide them with just such a test. As Oregon takes the court, viewers ought to keep their eyes on the talented Brooke Nuneviller who leads the Ducks with 4.2 kills per set.

#2 McKendree vs Lewis

Fans of college volleyball were thrilled with this historic night for the McKendree Bearcats on March 13. Not only did they claim victory over nationally-ranked, then No. 6 Lewis, but for the first time in program history, the Bearcats started off their season with an impressive three wins over ranked opponents. With a monumental win like this one, viewers were also able to enjoy two very talented Ryans from opposite sides of the court. Ryan Coenen from Lewis came away with 19 kills and Ryan Serrano from McKendree provided some super smooth sets throughout the game to help secure their victory. This amazing night solidified that this was a season of success for McKendree’s volleyball team.

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#3 Wisconsin vs Purdue

The best volleyball matchup is surely the Purdue-Wisconsin match. Despite having lost most of their core in the season opener, Purdue has managed to surge up in rankings with Eva Hudson’s stellar performance being a major contributor. Then she reached career-best numbers with 24 kills and 17 digs! Purdue has had victories over many teams, but their only ranked win was against Minnesota – a sweep.

#4 Hawaii vs Lewis

This match between top-ranked Hawaii and then-No. 5 Lewis was an intense battle, with 15 blocks and 83 digs throughout the night. Hawaii’s star opposite Rado Parapunov stood out above the rest, claiming 22 kills as a result of his dominating play. His stats were well ahead of any other player in the match; at 10 kills more than the next closest player, it was clear that his performance had secured a win for the Rainbow Warriors. It was certainly an exciting night in Romeoville, Illinois – a testament to Parapunov’s excellence on the court.

#5 Long Beach State vs Ohio State

Fans at a recent Ohio State vs Long Beach State match were on the edge of their seats as the team’s shot black and white volleyballs back and forth. In the end, there was something to celebrate for both teams, as host Ohio State hit an impressive .345 while Long Beach State had an amazing clip of .392. It wasn’t just the outside hitters showing off some sick skills however – setters Michael Wright of OSU and Carlos Rivera of LBSU both put up impressive numbers throughout the five-setter. Wright ended with 49 assists and 10 digs, while Rivera collected 45 assists himself. Both setters ran incredibly balanced offenses that allowed four players from LBSU and three from OSU to put up double-digit kills. Keep an eye out for this dynamic duo in future matches – Wight and Riviera are sure to keep the offense running smoothly for their respective teams!

#6 BYU vs Hawaii 

The game between Hawaii and BYU is perhaps one of the greatest men’s college volleyball matches ever seen. It was an intense five-set battle between two evenly matched teams, with each vying for dominance. Hawaii had entered the match as the No.1 ranked team in the country while BYU was ranked No.2, adding to the already electric atmosphere. As both teams had previously faced off with only a day in between, there was no dearth of anticipation within the stadium. In the end, it was through sheer grit and determination that FYU triumphed over Hawaii in an extraordinary display of talent and athletic prowess. This game may not be available in your country. If you need a good VPN to watch this game, see the page. It will help you make the final decision.


Volleyball is a thrilling, fast-paced sport. From Wisconsin vs Purdue match to BYU’s victory against Hawaii, these nail-biting matches show just how exciting and unpredictable this game can be. Although its popularity varies from country to country, there is no doubt that volleyball has captured the hearts of many – whether in collegiate tournaments or international leagues.