Volleyball has been a popular sport since its creation back in 1895 at Springfield College in Massachusetts. It is a sport played around the world with specifically high participation in the US, England, Australia, China, Russia and Eastern Europe.

It is now ranked as the fifth most popular sport in the world with competitive matches played all over the world as well as being part of the Olympic Games.

Apart from the Olympics there are several internationally recognised tournaments that take place globally. The viewership and sports betting community is still a long way behind the more mainstream sporting communities like Football, Cricket and Horse Racing. As well as international, there are club championships which take place both domestically and continentally.

Match outright betting on these events is by far the most popular and easiest way to wager on the sport. A good sportsbook will have almost all international as well as club competitions available to wager on.

Sports betting on volleyball can appeal to punters due to its easy-to-understand format and rules. Especially as being a sport regularly played in school for all, the basics behind it provide an immediate understanding enough to make available to all.

As well as its easy understanding, the pace of the sport ensures punters can enjoy and make different in game bets with immediate opportunities to increase their winnings. In game betting has been a key part of increasing the interaction with gamblers and their sport of choice to find new ways to enjoy gambling.

It is currently in the top 20 most wagered sports across the world, giving the sport a base to build its following. With this awareness of the sport and global representation it has, the sports betting community is a key area which could help grow the sport.

As a top 20 most wagered sport, women’s volleyball was also reported as having the third highest viewership in the US in 2019. Behind only NFL and men’s basketball, Women’s volleyball already has a strong following across the US and one in which can be utilised in bringing in more investment into the sport.

For those who are new or casual gamblers, finding new markets is often based upon their enjoyment of the sport. With an increased viewership and awareness of the club ad continental competitions outside of the Olympics, there is an opportunity to draw in more viewers through gambling,

Seasoned gamblers have the opportunity to make use of the different ranges of betting markets within the sport. Handicap betting, total points scoring and number of sets are an example of the varied ways in which punters can get involved.

Increased sponsorship from sportsbook providers could also help in providing a greater financial base for the competitions and clubs themselves, as well as the national associations. Competing with financially superior sports like Football is almost impossible without finding new avenues of financial support.

The mobile gaming industry as well as standard high street bookmakers provide a huge industry which is continuing to grow. It consistently is looking into new markets to help build its community and has the capital to invest and support different sports.

Sports betting statistics showed that in the US more than $65 billion was wagered on sports since 2018. Since the law changes, every state can decide if they wish to legalise sports betting in their state. With these huge amounts of money just in the US, the money available for sports betting companies to invest into sports is almost unimaginable.

With sponsorship as well as in game betting, the sport becomes more widely available as a spectacle for the public. As well as just placing a match outright bets, with the ability to broadcast through sportsbook providers, more people will be able to watch and make in game wagers. This is a vital part of increasing the viewership as well as financial stability of the sport.

As well as with the money and the interest brought in from sportsbooks, this has knock on effects. As television and broadcasting companies identify a surge in viewership and interest, more money is invested into the sport.

In the US there has been an increase in viewership in Volleyball. According to ESPN the NCAA Women’s’ Volleyball Tournament title match drew 696,000 viewers this year, making it the most viewed show in ESPN2 that month. This showed a significant increase of 28% from the 2019 championship final.

While specific tournaments have seen an increase in TV viewers, it has been the streaming services where sports such as volleyball have seen an increase. More and more people are using streaming services through their mobile devices than ever before. As mentioned, the ability to stream through sports betting sites ensures viewership increase opportunities as well as the increased availability of wagering for punters.

With the viewers being brought in, more money can then be brought in from advertisers looking to target their market. All these forms of income can them be redistributed into the sport to ensure its continual development and improvement.

An increase in awareness and viewership will often bring more money into the sport which can help it continue to improve. For federations, clubs, coaches and players; the increase in funding can help in creating more stable and lucrative careers, which can lead to an ever-improving level of performance and entertainment. Mobile gaming has given sports a wider possible viewership and this can very beneficial to the future of Volletball.