Germany successfully launched EuroVolley 2013, played on courts of Switzerland and exactly of Germany. “The Black Eagles” easily defeated outsiders of Pool A of Spain in three straight sets being led by Margareta Kozuch. A real horror was endowed by Turkey for its fans in the second game of the day. One of the highest estimated team to achieve the Championship won over The Netherlands in tie-break in spite of leading already 2-0.


Germany – Spain 3 – 0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-17)

Germany: Waiss 1, Brinker 15, Furst 8, Kozuch 20, Beier 1, Ssuschke-Voigt 7, Durr (L) and Hanke 1, Hippe 1, Thomsen
Spain: Aranda Munoz 2, Gomez Lopez 6, Garcia Bonilla 4, Rivero 5, Sanchez 8, Fernandez Conde 4, Sarrias (L) and Collar 3, Correa 3, Delgado Garcia

Right from the beginning, Spain suffered major problems in receiving which made it quite easy for the home heroines to lead until the first technical time-out (10-6). With some great action, Spain fought back and increased their pressure on the German defense, but only for a short time (16-13). However, with a remarkable 9-2 run and a brilliant Margareta Kozuch, Germany closed out the first set 25-15.

In the second set, the team of head coach Giovanni Guidetti took an early lead (5-2) and dominated their opponents in almost all aspects of the game. It did not matter whether in attack or in defense, the German players were the superior team. Again, German Captain Kozuch (20 points in total) made a great contribution to the 25-15 German set win.

Germany started the third set with a 6-1 lead that showed their huge advantage against a Spanish team, which was not able to compete at the same level. Giovanni Guidetti took advantage of the moment and sent in 19-year old wing-spiker Jennifer Geerties. Things did not change at the end of the match with Germany flying to an undisputed 25-17 set and 3:0 match win.

Team Stats:

Team/Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception pos. Unforced Errors
Germany 38 44% 8 8 56% 14
Spain 28 29% 6 1 50% 15


Team Leaders:

Action/Player Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Unforced Errors
Margareta Kozuch 20 16 50% 1 2 2 2
Diana Sanchez 8 8 38% 0 0 0 0




The Netherlands – Turkey 2 – 3 (15-25, 16-25, 30-28, 26-24, 12-15)

Netherlands: Stoltenborg 3, Buijs 14, De Cruijf 11, Flier 15, Grothues 11, Steenbergen 8, Knip (L) and Plak 3, Dijkema 3, Renkema
Turkey: Aydemir 4, Sonsirma 25, Toksoy 10, Darnel 19, Tokatlioglu 18, Cansu 14, Karadayi (L) and Uslupehlivan 1, Onal, Cemberci    

Turkey started pretty good and took on a three points lead after the first minutes, but the Netherlands improved the quality of their game and made the equalizer (7-7). In the middle it was the Team of Head Coach Massimo Barbolini which went up again and dominated the game, especially in attack with Kirdar Sonsirma. From now Turkey set the pace and bring it home at 25-15.

In the second set the Netherlands got off a good start with an early 5-2 lead. Then Turkey started to wake up after their outstanding performance at the beginning of the match and reached the tie at 9-9. Now the spectators tried to push their teams and were rewarded with long rallies between two strong teams. But it was the Turkish Team which took the leadership again and wrapped up their second win for the final score 25-17.

The distinguish was made in the reception were the Turkish Players showed an outstanding performance and reached 88% of the balls.In the sequel Turkey continued with their dominance and made four consecutive points in the third set (4-0). After that the Netherlands fought back for the first time and surprises the Turkish Team. It seemed that Netherlands Head Coach Gido Vermeulen found the gap in the Turkish block. His team cut the distance to one points and gained their first lead (15-14). Now the crowd freak out, because the Netherlands acquired their first set points at 24-23 and finished their job in a dramatic tie-break after a Turkish mistake on the attack. for the 29-27.

The Netherlands went two points ahead at 5-3 in the fourth set and actually controlled the whole set. Turkey tried to look for a comeback in the end and had the chance to take the leadership after they beat off four set points from the Netherlands (24-24). But there opponents were more focused on the last rallies and deserved the balance result at 2:2.

In the tie-break Turkey set the pace and prevented a false start at the CEV Volleyball Women European Championship in Germany and Switzerland. (15-12)

Team Stats:

Team/Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception pos. Unforced Errors
Netherlands 50 33% 15 3 44% 17
Turkey 75 41% 8 8 69% 26


Team Leaders:

Action/Player Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Unforced Errors
Manon Flier 15 11 28% 5 4 0 6
Neslihan Darnel 19 18 34% 6 1 0 10