Janet Wanja from Kenya has retired in order to avoid a painful exit from the national team and un-ceremonial dismissal due to her age. The decorated setter has played for the national team for over 10 years. However, considering what happened last year to other more experienced players, which were dropped on the grounds of age, Wanja decided it’s time to quit.

Wanja didn’t believe it was likely for her to appear in the team, even though she has always given her best when playing for her country. But, due to the present situation, she decided that it’s best to focus on her club career. Look for her club Kenya Pipeline and use it for this Ladbrokes bonus code.

Her decision was based on another reason too. Despite being a very difficult one, said Wanja, she wanted to give space to new and younger players that need to come through on her place. But, she believes this was best for everyone. Even if she gets a call from the national team, she doesn’t intend to go back.

She remembers being criticized numerous times by people that wanted to give the stage to younger players. Finally she has conceded, and gave a strong remark for the younger ones. She has said that young players don’t work as hard as they should in order to prove themselves. Maybe that was the reason why players of older age were still holding their places in the national team. Anyway, she doesn’t believe she is old at all. The main reason why she is called old is because she started early.

Age is just a number, and she has proved it with the fact that she is still needed in her club. Janet Wanja is still strong and able to focus well. It’s been an awesome journey for her as a volleyball star, but her plans are to continue that journey a little bit more. Maybe in future she will try also SNAI to get promo codes to bet on volleyball. Who knows.

It’s proper for the public to give her the due respect because Janet Wanja never has profited financially from playing for the national team. It was out of pure love for her country and the game. She and the other players never got any allowance when they were starting out in the team. She believes that is the main problem today, the reason why younger players don’t put much effort. They are well in their comfort zone, get paid and don’t need to prove for more and gain exposure.

Finally, she urges younger players to improve their self-discipline and invest enough effort, otherwise the team and they themselves will not get far enough. But even more important is for those that claim she and the other older players are “old” just because they have played for the national team for over a decade, to urge the younger ones to earn their positions through hard work and challenges.

They shouldn’t favor them just because they are young, because in the end age may mean nothing if you are weak and pampered, said she from Tunisia where her club competed in the African Club Championship and finished fourth.