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Competitive sport can be one of the most stressful pastimes in the world, with so much pressure from all sides about whether you are doing well or not. With so many eyes on you, it can often be difficult to remain focused and prevent it from getting to you too personally. Everyone is looking for that edge so they can be the best, and unfortunately not everyone will be that top player. However, there are ways to give yourself the best chance of succeeding when on the court.

Stay focused

It might seem simple, but the most important thing to do if you want to improve is watch the ball like a hawk. By maintaining focus at all times, you will cut out some of your mistakes as you will always have an idea when something is about to happen. This can help you to prepare for any eventuality and makes it easier to adjust if you are on the back foot. It might come a surprise but by watching the ball as closely as possible as it can make it easier to judge where the ball will end up, thus helping you to be in the right place at the right time more frequently.

Make the most of your hits

Try to utilize all three hits to their fullest as this can help you to catch out your opposition and put yourself in a position of strength. By maximizing how effective your three hits are, you can pull the other side out of position and set yourself up for a decent scoring opportunity. Doing this is quite common in the professional game as everyone looks for a little advantage. Work with others to make these hits more effective, whether through drills or regular gameplay. These drills can be perfect to make your side more formidable and hopefully get everyone on the same page.

Try to rest

Make sure you are recuperating properly off of the court, otherwise you are unlikely to be of any use to your teammates if you are stressed and overthinking. Just taking a little bit of time out can be the difference between a cohesive team unit and mental burnout. Just take your mind off a tournament or training for a while through reading or even playing games and you will feel refreshed and raring to go. Why not visit as their variety of games can help you to unwind and switch off as you look to prepare for a major tournament.


Discuss game plans with your teammates as it is unlikely that plan A will work at all times. By having regular discussions you can prepare for any eventually and it can help to prepare you for anything that might happen in a match and you can help others to adapt their style. These chats can help you to iron out any weaknesses in your game or give you a stage to help someone else to fine-tune their own games. Strong communication is essential in any sport and by improving your game plans you can make the most of the people you do have and essentially put the right people in the right places.