Volleyball is a fun sport — to watch and play, both indoors and on the beach. Find out how you can bet on volleyball in PA at the best Pennsylvania sportsbooks 2022.

Volleyball in the US: Can you bet legally on volleyball?

When you think of volleyball, you probably imagine sandy beaches, tasty cocktails, and people in swimsuits. However, besides being one of the most popular summertime activities, volleyball is also played professionally across the US and internationally. Moreover, it’s a popular sport for bettors, and ever since the legalization of PA online sports betting – Pennsylvania sportsbooks 2022 has been offering odds for the most popular volleyball matches.

Before you start wagering on volleyball, we suggest you get oriented and broaden your knowledge. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide regarding volleyball and betting on volleyball matches. We’ll get into detail about the sport’s history, rules, and how to make the most of your volleyball bets — so stay tuned.

Volleyball History & Rules

If you’ve never heard of Mintonette, you’re probably not the only one. The original name of the sport that’s now known as volleyball was Mintonette. Although it remains unclear who was the original founder of the sport, the name was officially changed by USA physical educator William G. Morgan in 1895. So yes, volleyball was invented in the USA!

When creating the ‘new’ sport, Morgan borrowed a few elements and rules from other sports. He was tired of rough and physical sports that included person-to-person contact, so he intended to create a contactless yet very athletic sport. The new sport, called volleyball, gained great popularity across the US — especially in the midwest. This still holds true today, and with the implementation of Pennsylvania legal sports betting, many PA bettors are keen on placing volleyball bets at some of the best sportsbooks in PA.

Volleyball finally gained international attention in the early 20th century, and the international volleyball federation (FIVB) was established in 1947. The sport is now a part of the Olympic family and is played professionally across the world.

Volleyball Rules

Volleyball is a sport with no fixed overall match time. Each team consists of six players, and a team has to win a selected number of points to win a set and a selected number of sets to win the match. When the ball is in a team’s possession, the team gets three passes before they’re required to strike the ball over the net at the opponent’s court. If the ball bounces off the floor, it results in a point. 

Given how popular sports betting in PA currently is, popular operators such as Borgata sports betting often offer odds for interesting volleyball prop bets, so it’s important to know the rules before you place your wager.

Major Volleyball Events and Betting Markets

Although volleyball is almost never broadcasted on prime-time TV, there’s a vast inventory of matches for punters to bet on. Of course, when it comes to sports betting PA online, the coverage largely depends on the betting site. While some sites feature the majority of major and even minor international leagues, others focus on popular events and major tournaments only. Nevertheless, there are plenty of betting markets available, and some bookmakers even offer a PA sportsbook bonus to get the ball rolling and make the online betting experience even more pleasant.

  • Summer Olympics – Volleyball has been an official Olympic sport since 1996, and there’s no bigger tournament than the summer Olympics. It takes place every for yours, and punters that practice sports betting Pennsylvania can bet on indoor and beach volleyball. 
  • FIVB World Championships – Yet another international tournament, the FIVB World Championship takes place every four years, and national volleyball teams play against each other for the World Championship trophy. Some of the strongest contenders are the USA, Brazil, Italy, Serbia, and Cuba, and during the FIVB World Championships, bettors have an abundance of betting markets to bet on. Some popular sportsbooks, such as the Borgata sports betting app, often offer a special volleyball bonus for the duration of the tournament.
  • CEV Champions League – This is a European tournament that’s held annually and gathers the best European clubs into one competition. The league includes 20 teams that play in 5 groups. Following the group stage, the top 8 teams advance to the playoffs, and the winners move to the semi-finals. The winner of the CEV Champions League is crowned in May.
  • NORCECA Championships – Yet another international tournament, the NORCECA is a competition where the national teams from both American continents and the Caribbean islands compete. It takes place every two years, and over 40 countries compete for the title. The strongest contenders for the trophy are usually the USA and Brazil.

Final Words

The massive expansion of PA sports gambling allowed for many legal bookmakers to open their virtual doors to PA punters. Many of them offer odds for volleyball betting, but we always suggest prioritizing legal sports betting in Pennsylvania — which means that you should look for sites that hold a valid license issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Moreover, the bonus availability, multiple payment methods, and betting types diversity are other important factors to consider when engaging in online betting.

However, you should only see sports betting as a funtime activity, so make sure to manage your bankroll and gamble responsibly at all times.