In terms of popularity, it is difficult for volleyball to compete with football, hockey, and basketball. On the other hand, it is more popular than most competitions.

Volleyball betting is in great demand among bettors – attractive strategies have been developed, and the list is extensive. Bookmakers take into account bettors’ interests in volleyball and include quotes for a lot of outcomes.

Outcome bet

To begin with, let’s consider the simplest bet – on the outcome of the meeting. The player can bet on the victory of the hosts or guests. There is no draw in volleyball. Therefore, there is no outcome in the bookmaker’s list either – neither in regular time nor in sets

More profitable to bet on volleyball in Live mode, not prematche. Even with careful analysis, one cannot predict that the favorite of the meeting will lose a game or two. Inspired by the success, the outsider will become more confident, and the favorite will not return to the previous rhythm. Betters with experience do not refuse preliminary analysis of the match, but at the same time, they are guided by how the first game was played.

Outsider Betting Strategy

A profitable bet option is a pre-match bet on the underdog followed by live mode insurance on the opposite outcome. By the beginning of the match, the quotes for the outsider reach 2.5-3 and higher. In the course of the meeting, the favorite is often unable to take control of the game. The teams exchange points, while the odds change. The bettor has a chance to take a solid coefficient, but now – on the victory of the favorite. In this case, the profit is guaranteed – you can immediately fly away in business class and rent sport car Dubai where rental services offer cars for every taste and budget, are affordable and convenient for everyone, especially for lucky bettors.

By the way, it is better to bet on the victory of an outsider in women’s volleyball, where unforeseen outcomes happen more often.

Total money

Let’s consider the main types of bets on the total in volleyball.

  • The total or individual total of points scored in the game. For example, TO (total over) 179.5 points means that the performance of the two teams will be 180 points or higher. ITO (individual total over) 83.5 means that the individual total of one participant will be from 84 points;
  • Total sets. Points scored during one game are taken into account;
  • The total of points scored in the game – also general or individual;
  • A bet on the number of sets. In volleyball, three to five games are played. The match lasts until one of the teams wins in three sets. Here quotes are usually small. Even with the catch-up strategy, you can quickly lose your bankroll.


Handicap is an artificially created difference in the result in terms of points or parties. When choosing a negative handicap, the bettor conventionally subtracts the required value from the team’s result. With a positive handicap, the value is conditionally added to the score. The bet is calculated according to the result of the match, taking into account the subtracted or added points.

This bet, as in other sports, is suitable in matches with a clear favorite against a weak team. If the bookmaker estimates the team’s victory in the range of 1.2-1.4, then often such a bet only carries additional risks for the bettor. Handicaps equalize the chances of opponents.

Handicap bets are made in sets. In the considered match, the bets on the outcome of the game also differ, so a handicap will be an attractive option for the bettor.

Odd and even in volleyball

Odd and even quotes sometimes differ – this is found in confrontations between two equal teams. The fact is that in such matches the games end with more or less – in this case, the total number of points will be even. The game continues until the team achieves a two-point advantage.

If the opponents are not equal, the odds for an even-odd total will be the same – in this case, the probability of each of the outcomes will be 50%. Look for a bookmaker that provides the highest quotes for this market. Suitable odds are 1.9-1.95.

Pros and cons of volleyball betting

There are several main advantages that attract bettors to this sport:

  • there are always a lot of matches (games are held all year round);
  • dynamic game (the picture in volleyball often changes, and with it, the odds set by the bookmaker);
  • frequent sensations (betting in time for the losing team to win, sometimes you can hit the jackpot).

Among the disadvantages, we note two factors:

  • no match time restrictions (a team meeting can last an hour or stretch for several hours);
  • high margin of bookmakers (and this applies not only to trending tournaments but also to unpopular competitions).


Volleyball is of interest to bettors because of the choice of bets and the simple analysis of information to determine the favorite. Most of the bets on this sport are live mode. The winners are players who are aware of the rules of volleyball, quickly analyze the situation, and make the right decisions. Study the aspects of the game, betting features, and strategies. Together, this will allow you to try your hand at not yet widespread, but non-trivial volleyball bets.