Volleyball has really come to its own for fans of sports predictions. Aside from international tournaments like the FIVB World Cup and EuroVolley, players can now find talent-packed club leagues like the Italian SuperLega, Russian Volleyball Super League, and Turkish Sultanlar Ligi.


The schedule is crowded throughout the year even when there are no ongoing international tournaments. Moreover, the sport itself is equally competitive in the men’s and women’s leagues. As a result, there are massive volleyball prediction opportunities and a diverse choice of volleyball odds, so let us help you sharpen your prediction skills with a few useful tips. 

Pick a Sportsbook 

With the right platform like Sportzino, you can even make today volleyball predictions for free. Joining a decent social sportsbook also grants you access to unique rewards, diverse prediction markets, and competitive odds, so choose wisely. The main thing to look for is a diverse choice of prediction markets and odds, something Sportzino excels at. 

Become Familiar With the Markets

Before you get in on the action, it’s vital to get to know the market. Volleyball has extraordinary coverage of prediction markets, and these are the main options:

  • Moneyline — As the simplest volleyball market, moneyline picks allow you to predict the winner of the match, so you can either go with team one or team two.
  • Point totals — Making predictions on point totals in a volleyball game can be a great option as you can either guess the over/under on points in a set, or for the entirety of the game.
  • Spreads — If you are confident that a team will win the set by a significant margin, you can try spreads and explore handicap options. For instance, you can make predictions that a team will win the set with a handicap of (-2.5) points. Therefore, the team needs to win the set by three or more points for the prediction to be valid. On the other hand, if you think that the favorite won’t win by a blowout, you can try the spread on the outsider not to lose by a big margin.
  • Set markets — Besides the markets with point totals in a set, you can also try teams to win the set or even/odd total points in a set.

Check the Stats and Previous Games

Keeping track of the stats and team form isn’t necessarily a guaranteed predictor of victory, but it’s often pretty helpful. It’s always somewhat reassuring to know that a team you are predicting to win is in good shape. At the same time, if you see a team struggling to get a win or going on a losing streak, you might want to skip that pick, just in case the slump persists.

Consider Injury Reports

Missing players can greatly affect a team’s performance, and you might notice the odds changing before the game once the injury reports become official. If key players are out, moneyline predictions on the affected team become much less reliable.

Give Live Predictions a Shot

If you are on the fence about the game’s outcome, you might want to consider holding off pre-match predictions. Sometimes, going with live picks allows you to see how the game unfolds, so you can place informed predictions.

You may even benefit from higher odds if you play on a favorite that’s trailing. The same applies to other sports, but volleyball is a game of momentum and each set could be different. For that reason, you can benefit from in-play set point totals, handicaps, or set winner picks.