With the Volleyball World Championships currently in full swing, the year of sport will soon come to an end. For enthusiasts, the winter months can be hard. The beach gets a bit too chilly to visit and it can be impossible to motivate yourself enough to practice on the indoor courts as the weather turns, Luckily, there are ways you can get keep your game in shape during the winter. Below, we give our ideas to help you survive.

Keep Your Mind Active

Unfortunately, when the holiday season draws in your mind often becomes active for all the wrong reasons. Buying presents, preparing the home and other financial burdens can easily let your brain lapse. But like any muscle, it must stay active and healthy.

The internet has plenty of ways to keep your mind ticking over, particularly with its plentiful gaming offerings. Caesars Casino has several beach-themed slots you might try, to take you back to a serene summer place. You may even decide to get a little more mathematical by trying their table games like poker and blackjack. Certain games, such as slots, may even keep your hand-eye coordination responsive.

Another idea is to get educated. There are plenty of online courses, paid and free, to help you learn something new. You may decide to add some skills to your resume, learn a musical instrument, or speak a new language.

Stay Physically Fit

One of the hardest tasks in the winter months is staying physically fit. Not only do you have the temptation of lavish foods and drink, but dark nights and cold days can sap motivation. Unless you are a gym bunny, exercising inside may not have much appeal.

In these instances, it is best to embrace the cold. Get wrapped up warm and go out for long walks with nature. When the leaves have left the trees and snow is on the ground, you can often see the world at its finest. Walking will also keep your muscles in shape until you can venture back out in the spring.

If you do not want to go out, consider new forms of home exercise, such as the ones suggested by the Cleveland Clinic. For example, you may get an exercise bike that is connected to the internet and take part in online competitions.

Maintain Hand Eye Co-Ordination

As a volleyball player, hand-eye coordination is key. Yet when you are stuck inside, you cannot afford to jump and swing your arms about in the confines of your home. However, there are a few things you can do to help.

You may consider some types of video games. A Nintendo Switch has many family games designed to keep you active and improve hand-eye coordination. Not only will they help with the exercise aspect, but you can also take part in them with your family.

Another idea is to try indoor sports that utilize hand-eye coordination as a medium. Table games like ping pong or games such as air hockey are excellent for this. You can often find them for sale second-hand at low prices and if you have a cellar or outhouse to place them in, you have the perfect space. Some of the ideas published here by Harvard University may help.

Once you have addressed these three methods, you should be pretty busy. Before long spring will arrive, and you will be in the best condition to start a new season.