Volleyball is a one-of-a-kind team sport with a brief history. It is one of the few team sports that were established in the United States in an attempt to blend elements from several sports. Volleyball is now a popular sport all around the world.

While the players excite with rallies, serves, and more, we’ll offer you some fascinating facts about volleyball. Keep in mind the sport has a long season, possibly longer than the baseball season.

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That said, below are some interesting facts about volleyball.

The Lovely Name of Volleyball

Mintonette was the initial name given to volleyball. This is because it was comparable to badminton (“Minton” became “mintonette” later). Another instructor, Alfred S. Halstead, nicknamed it “volleyball” since the ball was volleyed back and forth. Halstead is credited with making the sport mainstream.

Volleyball Was Invented as a Way to Avoid Running

This sport was designed to be played inside at first. Morgan wanted a game where players didn’t have to run, hence inspiring the idea.

He desired a game that was physically demanding and required players to do several activities while avoiding direct contact with opponents.

The Very First Game of Volleyball

The inaugural volleyball game was held in 1896 at Springfield College in Massachusetts, then known as the International YMCA Training Center.

On the volleyball court, there are six positions. The Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite Hitter, Middle Hitter, Libero, and Defensive Specialist are the positions. Each player must learn their positional abilities to properly thrive in the game.

The Most Peculiar Position in Volleyball

One member on each six-man squad wears a different-looking jersey. The libero is the volleyball player who has complete freedom of movement both on and off the court. He can fill in for a batter who isn’t very good on defense in the back row.

The libero is not allowed to hit the volleyball on the 10-foot line’s front area. They can strike the ball behind this line as long as they don’t go over the top line of the net.

The Rule of Three Hits

In 1920, the 3-hit rule was implemented, which stipulated that each team’s players could only strike the ball three times. This helped in increasing the game’s momentum and improving its action.

Because the number of hits is restricted, players must handle the ball as efficiently as possible into the core.

Inclusion of Volleyball in the Olympic Games for the First Time

Volleyball was initially played at the 1924 Paris Olympics, although medals were not awarded until the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

The men’s teams from Japan, Czechoslovakia, and the former Soviet Union battled it out in a three-way competition in Tokyo. Japan took bronze, Czechoslovakia came in second, and the USSR took first place.

Poland took bronze in the women’s event, the USSR took silver, and Japan’s home team earned their first-ever Olympic gold in the sport.

The Emergence of Color

Colored balls were first allowed in live events in 1998. This was done to make it simpler for those watching the game on TV to see and follow the ball.

The Match with the Longest Duration

In January 2017, a Guinness World Record for the longest marathon volleyball match was set. The SVU Volleyball held it in Amstelveen, Netherlands, and lasted 101 hours. It comprised 63 matches and 338 sets, with a total score of 14,635 points.

A Time Restriction of 8 Seconds Is Set for Service

This implies that a player who intends to serve must do it within 8 seconds of the whistle being blown. If the server fails or arrives late, the opposite team receives a point and the service turn is forfeited. If the ball is served before the whistle, the server is permitted to serve again without penalty.

Winnings in Competitive Match

In a competitive adult match, a team must win the best-of-five sets to win. A team must score 25 points to win a set. The target score is just 15 points if a fifth set is played. To win a set, though, the team must have a two-point edge over the opponent.

The Introduction to Rally Scoring Technique

In the past, if the opposing team failed to return the ball, only the serving team could win a point. When the rally scoring technique was implemented in 1999, this changed. Regardless of who the team serves, any side can get a point under this new technique.

A Word About Bernardino

Bernardo Rocha de Rezende of Brazil is the most successful volleyball coach. Bernardino, as he is affectionately known, has won over 30 major volleyball championships throughout a colorful 20-year career. He has coached both men’s and women’s Brazilian teams and was an Olympian silver medalist himself as a player.


Volleyball, like any other sport, is designed to allow participants to spend their time engaging in physical exercise that is also beneficial to their mental health. individuals of various ages and genders all around the world enjoy volleyball. It instills in us the virtue of cooperation and teamwork. We hope you now have a better understanding of volleyball’s history and some intriguing facts.