Wil Stanley’s mom has specifically mentioned that Stan Sheriff Center is today sold out. She said that Wil was raised in Hawaii and also, he played several games at Stan Sheriff Center when he was a child for watching and cheering his brother Clay while he was playing for Warriors.

Stanley has now returned undefeated and the No. 2 BYU team of men’s volleyball to Honolulu for 2 great matches today as well as Friday against Hawaii who ranked No 1 as undefeated. These days apart from playing the game physically, people are also inclined to play the game through various online gaming platforms and for this they are also using the bonus code to avail some awesome offers in the game.

Moving ahead, BYU is used for playing in their Smith Fieldhouse, that seat usually 6,000 on the night of sell out. Mainly the Cougars road matches to California during in MPSF are mainly in the half-full stadiums. The Stan Sheriff Center that was sold out — 10,300 mainly the loyal fans of Hawaii— will be quite different kind of the experience.

“Also, from what I have heard, they sold out on Thursday,” mentioned Stanley. “My mom has said that they can’t buy any additional tickets. It will be going something else. Also, we have even played Pauley Pavilion at UCLA and also at Maples (Stanford) as those are mainly both the arenas of basketball. I would also say that closest we have even come to playing in the complete arenas of basketball when we have played UCLA during Final Four in the year of 2018 and also there were about 16,000 fans and even they have packed the Pauley Pavilion.

“It will be a completely different kind of feeling. Here fans are a little further. You may also get the overarching noise of the fans that are yelling and screaming. You also don’t get intimate and close trash talk that you get at possibly Pepperdine where the fans are standing next to you or at the Smith Fieldhouse the place where they will be standing just right behind you.”

Also, Stanley last played in Stan Sheriff in the year 2018 as the serving sub for the BYU. As they have stayed as well as they have trained in Provo during these summers, he has not been home for about two years. Whenever he comes on the court during Thursday, this will be the Cougars beginning the setter.

“We also have to go into the game knowing when we are a truly better team. We are not about to say that ‘we are in second place as well as we are beating Hawaii is certainly the greatest thing that happens in the entire world,’” said Stanley. “We are the team of BYU men’s volleyball as well as we are certainly not going to actually look as if it was a real upset when we will beat Hawaii. We are both great teams and I would even say that all-around this is certainly pretty even the match. We also have to go in with a great level of confidence which we are not actually the underdog. At the same time we are both undefeated and we even have to go in with a mindset which we are not thinking of as being No. 2 vs. No. 1, where underdog vs. powerhouse. On the other hand the greatest thing is about having a great level of confidence in ourselves.”

BYU with 16-0 has also played a much difficult schedule having the 11 wins that are against the teams recently ranked in Top 10 that also includes No. 3 UCSB for 2 times, No. 5 Lewis that was on road, No. 7 UC Irvine which was also on road, No. 8 Penn State for 2 times, No. 9 Pepperdine as well as No. 10 Grand Canyon.