The popularity of volleyball has increased in the recent past. It has won numerous viewers as well as bettors from around the world. With the increasing number of fans, many online bookmakers are now offering an array of volleyball betting odds. This enables fans to bet on different competitions and win huge prizes. The same way volleyball is becoming more and more common so is the demand for the best betting tips. 

Currently, the International Volleyball Federation(FIVB) or the Federation Internationale de Volleyball is the leading governing body of the exciting sport. This federation is in charge of five different volleyball confederations in the whole world; African Volleyball Confederation(CAVB), Asian Volleyball Confederation(AVC), European Volleyball Confederation(CEV), NORCECA Volleyball Confederation, and South American Volleyball Confederation(CSV). 

With so many online bookmakers available today, there are numerous opportunities for you to win big rewards from anywhere on the globe. If you are on the hunt for the best online volleyball betting tips, you have come on the right page. Our online betting experts at have compiled a detailed report from the top volleyball winners to increase your luck. One of the key factors when betting on any sport is to be well organized.

What to Consider Before Betting in Volleyball

If you are new to online volleyball betting, there are some important factors you need to consider before you wager your cash. Here are some key elements:

Ranking; like in any other sport, you need to put your money on a performing team or one with capabilities.

The Schedule; you need to be up to date with any changes in the team before you bet on it. This will help you to determine the strength of the players.

The Location; the playing ground is also very important. You need to know whether the team you are betting on is playing home or away.

Motivation Factor; the final prize is important in any given match as it determines the moral players will put in the game.

Main Volleyball Competitions

Just like in football, golf, and basketball, there are several renown volleyball competitions which are held in different circles. The most common volleyball competitions are;

The FIVB World Championship; is the oldest volleyball competition and has been in existence since 1949.

World League; is the second most popular competition in the world and its available for both men and women.

The Summer Olympics; this competition is held after every 4 years and is the major event of this amazing sport. 

Types of Online Volleyball Tips

As at now, there are six main types of volleyball bets available to fans to bet on in any match. 

Match bet; is the simplest of them all where you bet on the winning team. Normally, the favorite teams attract a lower payout. 

Point Spread bet; in the bet, the winning team needs to be higher than the score of the point spread before you can withdraw.

Point Total bet; you bet on the total points of the two teams after the final whistle.

Prop bet; unlike other bets than focus on points and the final winner, prop bet is based on the idea of the abilities of a specific player.

Set Handicap; this bet is placed on the outcome of a single set in volleyball. 

Volleyball Futures bet; you bet on the winning team in an upcoming event or tournament.

Top Volleyball Betting Tips

Set Realistic Goals

Betting on golf is like other sports, you need to set achievable goals. This will help reduce overspending on gambling.

Learn the Game Odds

There are different bets you can bet on in volleyball, which is why it is important to master the odds in each bet before you start betting.

Be Updated

Staying updated about any recent shuffles in the team is equally important as it will help you to know whether the team will win or lose.

Avoid New Teams

Betting on a team you have little or no information is very risky. You need to wager on a team with a good performing history if you want to win more in volleyball.

Bet at a Reputable Online Bookmaker

As aforementioned, the popularity of volleyball has led to the establishment of different bookmakers. However, not all bookmakers are legit. You need to use a reviewed and secure gambling platform at all times.

Manage your Bankroll

Learning how to manage your bankroll will help you to determine your losses and your wins as you gamble. The best way to manage your bankroll is by setting aside a specific amount for your betting purposes.

Learn Different Strategies

Every sport comes with different winning strategies to boost the bettor’s chances of winning and volleyball is not an exclusion. You need to research and get the best strategies from the experts.

Best Volleyball Online Bookmakers

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a reputable volleyball bookmaker. The availability of customer support, safety and fair play, the variety of payment options, the number of games offered are among the key elements to prioritize. Some of the best online bookmakers include:

  • Betway Bookmaker
  •  Bet365 Bookmaker 
  • William Hill Bookmaker
  • 888 Sports
  • 1×2 Bet Bookmaker