Anastasi decided to include four middle blockers. As we said before, Zbigniew Bartman will not be participating in the tournament.


After Hubert Wagner’s Memorial it’s been taken under consideration that Michal Ruciak won’t be going to European Championships. Instead, many people have been expecting Wojciech Wlodarczyk to come and take his place. It did not happen after all. Wlodarczyk suffered from a benign injury, but an Italian coach said that it had nothing to do with his decision.

Full squad of the Polish national team

Setters: Fabian Drzyzga, Lukasz Zygadlo
Opposites: Grzegorz Bociek, Jakub Jarosz
Middle blockers: Marcin Mozdzonek, Lukasz Wisniewski, Piotr Nowakowski, Andrzej Wrona
Receivers: Michal Winiarski, Michal Kubiak, Bartosz Kurek, Michal Ruciak
Liberos: Pawel Zatorski, Damian Wojtaszek

Poland will face the very first opponent, Turkey, on Friday at 20:00.