Spectators in Poznań can see amazing game with surprises in turnovers. During key points in third set (24-22 for Resovia) lights go out and we have long time lasting blackout. Most valuable player becomes opposite Dawid Konarski from Resovia, though much better was opposite from ZAKSA, Dominik Witczak.



Asseco Resovia Rzeszów – ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle 3-2 (22-25 25-19 25-23 21-25 15-13)

Resovia: Drzyzga, Konarski (25), Perłowski (9), Nowakowski (9), Veres (17), Akhrem (15), Ignaczak (L) and Schops (1), Lotman (1), Tichacek
ZAKSA: Zagumny (4), Witczak (25), Gladyr (11), Wiśniewski (5), Kooy (18), Ruciak (9), Gacek (L) and Możdżonek (4), Pilarz, Bociek (1), Lewis

Polish Super Cup better started players from ZAKSA, who after the attacks Dominik Witczak led 2-0. Current Polish champions picked up the nervousness and after a few minutes, not only decreased the loss, but also achieved three points advantage at the first technical time out. Andrzej Kowal team had no trouble finishing their actions even when reception wasn’t the best, spikes ended Dawid Konarski. The team of Kędzierzyn-Koźle committed too many mistakes and it made it into the second technical time out losing to rivals five points. Resovia started making errors and from 16-11 it turned into 20-19. Sebastian Świderski team played very well and after a successful block on Konarski ZAKSA had set balls (24-22). Despite some problems throughout the set

Fight point for point started sdecond set. None of the teams could not even build a two-point advantage , but both teams tried to play very risky (5-5). After the second technical time out Resovia started to gain advantage, after block on Dick Kooy it was 14-11. Runners-up of the Plus Liga were trying to make up for the loss, but prevented them Konarski, bumping hands blocking – 16-14. After the second technical time out superiority remained Resovia, who calmly finished additional gifts from referees like “serve ace” by Konarski led his team to 22-18 and forced coach Swiderski to use the time out on demand. Team from Rzeszów controlled situation until the end of a set and finished it successfully block the Grzegorz Bociek 25-19.

Resovia reached an advantage at the start of the third party (3-0). Very good in the reception was Peter Veres, what helped Fabian Drzyzga set combinatorial action. ZAKSA wiped out some of its losses after the first technical break, thanks to Dominik Witczak was only 12-13. Both teams gave each other the free points that resulted from errors in the service. At the second technical time ZAKSA was in a better position than players from Rzeszów, who still had two points behind, but they managed to achieve a tie (19-19). Fight point for point lasted almost to the end of the set, but thanks to the cleverness of Veres, team of Rzeszów had two ball sets. After a long break due to failure of the light Resovia kept leading and won set (25-23).

Resovia very well started the fourth set for, who after middle spike from Piotr Nowakowski led 4-2. ZAKSA played with the knife on the throat, but after good serve by Paweł Zagumny took  leadership over (9-8). The weaker side, Resovia had much worse spike performance what used rivals. The changes, which Andrzej Kowal has not yielded the expected results and that ZAKSA had significant advantage in the second technical time out – 16-12 . A further part of the set was under command of ZAKSA who went to grab the set. Kooy setting tight block won the set balls (24-19), one of them was used by Marcin Możdżonek – 25-21.

Tiebreak started actions from both sides point by point (4-4). Both teams avoided mistakes and both were quite exhausted. After sides’ change Resovia gfained a small advantage. Bigger space for game’s control gave block by Konarski (10-7). When it seemed that the set is going to end Veres sent spike out and Konarski was blocked by Bociek (13-13). The last two points got Resovia, last one after block on Michał Ruciak.

Unfortunately we have no stats from this game, there are only scores of each player.
Dawid Konarski was chosen MVP, but for me it wasn’t desrved. Although ZAKSA lost this game, their opposite Dominik Witczak had brilliant performance during duel and this award should belong to him.
Another thing which I didn’t like were judges, commiting some mistakes in whole game. The most annoying one was not letting came back Dick Kooy for Grzegorz Pilarz at the end of game and I think that it influenced in last point.