Volleyball fans are having a great time as they watch the qualifiers. Some have even taken their love for the game to another level by placing wagers on the outcomes ahead of the Olympics. With the best UK sports betting sites offering great odds on the games, this has been lucrative. Which teams will be in the Olympics, and how can you also get started on placing wagers?

The Men’s Side

The qualifications for the Olympics started in September 2023 and will continue until June 2024 to ensure that the final tournament has twelve teams. France will get a direct slot as it is the reigning Olympics Champion and will double as the host. Other teams will battle it out to get the remaining slots.

There have been three qualification tournaments where the winners and runner-ups have qualified for the final tournament. The teams are as follows:

  • Germany: This team won 9th place in 2008 and 5th place in 2012. In addition to these games, it has also been part of the World Championship, getting 3rd place in 2014, 8th place in 2010, and 9th place in 2006.
  • Brazil: Brazil boasts an array of medals – 6 from the Olympic Games, 7 from the World Championship, 6 from the World Cup, and 20 from the World League.
  • United States: This country bagged a bronze in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, another in the FIVB World Championship, and a bronze in the 2019 Japan World Cup.
  • Japan: With 9 appearances in the Olympics Games, this team performed best in 1972 when they were the Champions. Their last game saw them make it to the Quarter-Finals, finishing in 7th place. Besides the Olympics, the team made strides in the World Cup, winning a silver medal in 2023.
  • Poland: This team has made ten appearances in the Summer Olympics, with 1976 as their best result when they were Champions. It has also excelled in the World Championship, where it has had three major wins (1974, 2014, and 2018), and the European Championship, where it got first place in 2009 and 2023.
  • Canada: Canada has had many stints in the Summer Olympics and has finished in 8th and 5th place in its last two appearances, respectively. Its best result in the games was in 1984 when it finished 4th. It has also made waves in the NORCECA Championship, where it bagged a win in 2015.

The remaining slots will be allocated by June 2024, where the FIVB will ensure that the teams that don’t already have other Paris 2024 tournaments will get priority. As such, since this hinges on other factors, teams can only hope and wait for the best.

The Women’s Side

The road to 2024 has been similar to that of the men’s side. France still has a direct slot, while the others have gone to the following teams:

  • Dominican Republic: In 2020 and 2012, this team reached 8th place. Its best result remains in 2012, where it finished in 5th place.
  • Serbia: In the 2016 Olympic Games, this team made it to the final, where it scored second place. It returned in 2020, reaching the semifinal and bagging third place. As such, many people think it can win the 2024 games.
  • Turkey: The 2020 games saw Turkey walk away with the 5th position after coming in 9th in 2012. For a team that has only had two appearances, it has gained a lot of traction.
  • Brazil: In 2020, Brazil won silver and will likely be gunning for first position this time. This goal should not be challenging as the team holds the 2008 and 2012 Championship titles.
  • United States: The 2020 final ended with the U.S. clinching the gold medal – this was after winning bronze in 2016 and silver in 2008 and 2012.
  • Poland: This team last played at the Olympics in 2008, where it clinched 9th place, and will likely use the 2024 games to boost its rankings.

If you want to support any of these teams with a wager, do your research, have a budget, and keep up with news updates.