Today, you can bet on almost all sport events, if you use the right betting platform. Volley-ball is becoming particularly popular as more people find it interesting and follows it. Here’s a look at the sport and its rise in betting popularity.

Find the Right Bookmaker

If you watch the Olympics, you already know that volley-ball has become one of the most popular sports. In fact, it now ranks 5th in the world. The younger generation are particularly attracted to it. What used to be a sport people would play on the beach just to have some fun, is now one that attracts some of the best athletes.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by bookmakers either. Some of the top ones including Betiton, paddypower, williamhill, skybet now offer the possibility to bet on various volley-ball leagues and tournaments. The more viewers it attracts, the larger the offer is becoming. But right now, look for the platforms that offer you the largest selection before you start investing your money in that sport, so you can expand your betting as you expand your knowledge of the game.

How Does Betting on Volley-ball Works?

The first option, when you bet on volley-ball matches, is choosing the winner. Odds are offered and of course betting on a dark horse to win will always bring in more money than putting a wager on a team favoured to win.

You can also place future bets. Usually, these bets offer great odds because you choose the winner long in advance of when the game/tournament will be played. For example, you could pick the gold medal winner of the Tokyo Olympics which will now be held in 2021.

Betting on the number of sets won by one of the teams is popular. Usually, the odds for over/under are quite similar, and punters like that. Once the bookmaker sets the base value on which you can decide that the chosen team will win more or less sets than indicated, it’s up to you to make your prediction according to the knowledge you have on the teams facing each other.

There are two other ways to bet based on sets. You can wager your money on who will win the first set and/or the second one. That’s fun because you can win your bet even if, in the end, your team loses the match. You can also bet on a game where the skill difference between the two teams is considered too high. In these cases, the bookmakers will set a handicap to make it a closer game. Again, even if your team loses, if by adding the handicap they would have won, then you won your bet!