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Volleyball is a sport that has found a strong global fanbase. From its humble beginnings in 1895 in Massachusetts, the sport has since become a phenomenon. But what is it about volleyball that is so appealing and keeps it going in the mainstream consciousness? Well, here are 10 of the best things about this sport that keeps us playing.

It’s Competitive!

To some, volleyball is a leisurely game that’s best suited for a sunny afternoon at the beach. To others, volleyball means nonstop action and high competition. While both sides are true as we can all agree that volleyball is a game that both the players and spectators get into. The non-stop pace of volleyball is a refreshing change from other sports that are constantly being stopped mid-action by penalties and coaching. When you play volleyball, you are participating in a nonstop exciting and competitive sport.

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It’s Loved Around The World

The volleyball fans around the world are insatiable when it comes to this sport. In countries like Spain, fans line up at the beach to watch the high-paced matches. The US is of course another big market. Whether it’s outside or in gymnasiums, there are plenty of clubs and professional volleyball leagues. This action even draws the attention of sports bettors. In states where it’s legal like New Jersey, free bets are offered by sportsbooks to keep up with the excitement before big games. There is something about the simplistic and fun nature of volleyball that has appealed to many countries around the world and much like football, it has become a beloved and shared part of many different cultures from Brazil to Russia. In fact, there are supposedly over 800 million people that participate in the sport.

Olympic Sport

One of the best reasons to love volleyball is because it is an official Olympic sport, meaning that it has massive worldwide appeal and the best athletes from around the globe compete in it. Since 1964, volleyball has been a consistent part of the Summer Olympics and a favorite of spectators. Every four years, millions of people around the world that don’t normally watch or participate in this wonderful sport get to see it in all its glory. It’s a clear favorite as well, it’s considered to be in the top 3 most popular Olympic sports based on ticket sales and TV ratings. Volleyball deserves to be recognized on the global stage and it gets its chance in the spotlight every Summer Olympics.

Equal Gender Participation

There are many sports that naturally lean more towards male participation. The great thing about volleyball is it has equal participation and representation of both sexes. When it was first created in 1895, volleyball appealed to both genders almost immediately. In universities around the world, there are usually volleyball teams that are filled with young athletes of both genders. There are also many scholarship opportunities within the sport, meaning your hard work and dedication is rewarded.

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Everyone Loves It (Even Celebrities)

Because of the simplistic playstyle and relatively cheap equipment needed, volleyball is something that people from all different backgrounds enjoy. Not just different cultures, but any individual from any economic background can get started with little more than a ball and a net. Like football, this has helped it gain a strong fanbase globally. Even celebrities can’t help but catch the volleyball bug. Many famous actors and athletes have confessed their love for the sport like David Hasselhoff, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Robert Griffin III and many more.

Great At The Beach Or Indoors ( Enjoy It All Year Round )

The disappointing aspect of sports like baseball for instance is that it has a specific season it is confined to. Many sports are dependent on ideal weather as well. Not volleyball. Whether it is in the blistering hot summer or the frigid winter, you can pursue your love of volleyball. While some may prefer playing on the beach under the sun, when the cold weather hits you can still be inside enjoying it in a gymnasium. Interestingly enough, this also affects the gameplay itself, outdoor beach volleyball has a different playstyle to the indoor game because of the sand underfoot.

Easy On The Body

Being a non-contact sport gives volleyball many advantages over its competitors. First off, sports like American football or hockey may automatically turn many people off because not everyone appreciates the hard-hitting nature of these sports. Volleyball instead attracts players with its high-paced, cardio fueled sessions. No expensive pads and equipment is needed, and there are not as many athletes taking long periods of time off because serious injuries are not as common. Also, being that volleyball is much easier on the body, athletes are able to keep playing well into their later years. People are not worried about hurting themselves and can keep enjoying this great sport for the length of their life.

Strong Social Elements

Volleyball is a sport that is best played with all of your closest friends. As a strong team sport, you need a good group of athletes around you to keep it interesting. This naturally helps you to be social and form strong bonds with the people in your community. So much of modern life revolves around solitary actions, and we are naturally becoming more withdrawn and satisfied with staying home. Volleyball encourages us to get out and enjoy life with an amazing group of people. There is no better way to make new friends than with a competitive team sport!

Fun At All Skill Levels And Simple To Pick Up

You don’t need an exceptional amount of skill to enjoy yourself during an afternoon playing volleyball. Even if you have never played before, the game is a breeze to pick up and doesn’t have any overly-complicated mechanics. At the highest levels, it can be one of the most competitive sports in the world and at the lowest levels, it can be just a leisurely activity to enjoy on a sunny day. There are few sports that have this simple approach and it is one of the reasons that volleyball is so great.

It Keeps You Healthy

At the end of the day, no matter what level you play at, volleyball is still a great workout that keeps you healthy and coming back for more. You quickly become enamored with this cardio exercise and will want to play it every week. During an average 45 minute game, you can burn hundreds of calories, and that is only one of the many health benefits of this sport. There are many reasons to love volleyball and that’s why we cannot stop playing!