Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle in the first match of the second phase Champions League in three sets won over Noliko Maaseik, but it was not an easy match for the polish team. Belgians in second and third sets showed good volleyball.


The first set could lull the fans and players. Zaksa played a fantastic game, very quickly fled on 8:1. They played perfectly in the attack, and after 20 minutes they enjoyed winning the first set.


However, Noliko didn’t surrender and two next sets played at a decent level, what was a cause a lot of problems of Zaksa. Both teams played almost point for point, which guaranteed excitement to the final whistle.

Zaksa is a more experienced team, what helped endure a war of nerves and turn the tide of winning on their site.


Thus, Kedzierzyn-Kozle won the match 3-0 and is in a very privileged position before second duel. If the polish team will win the match in Maaseik, Zaksa will advance to the best six of the Champions League. If the match will win Noliko, about advancement will decide golden set.


Great game played Felipe Fonteles. The wing-spiker from the beginning of the season shines in Kedzierzyn. The Brazilian scored 17 times, attacked with an impressive 63% efficiency. Special mention deserved also Antonin Rouzier and Michal Ruciak, who perfect recieved the balls. The main gun in Noliko was Hermans Egleskalns, but he was alone in attack and he was not able to oppose the collective of Zaksa.


ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle – Noliko Maaseik 3:0  (25:16, 29:27, 27:25)


ZAKSA: Zagumny, Rouzier, Ruciak, Fonteles, Wisniewski, Gladyr, Gacek (L) Pilarz, Nogueira, Mozdzonek

Noliko: Lorsheijd, Caldwell, Klinkenberg, Egleskalns, Van de Voorde, Derkoningen (L)  Valkiers, Maan