The North Carolina State University volleyball team’s Class of 2024 has been notably strengthened with the addition of two promising athletes, Alyssa Forelli and Reis Baune. These signings significantly enhance the team’s roster, aiming to elevate the program’s competitive edge in forthcoming seasons.

The inclusion of Forelli and Baune into the Wolfpack not only diversifies the team’s skill set but also injects a renewed sense of ambition and potential.

Alyssa Forelli: A Prodigy from Phoenix

Alyssa Forelli, emerging from Phoenix, Arizona, has distinguished herself as an outstanding setter, with a track record of achievements that heralds significant promise for the NC State volleyball team. During her high school career at Liberty High School and her time with the Revolution Volleyball Academy, Forelli not only garnered First Team All-Region and Second Team All-State honors in 2022 but also excelled academically, earning an academic letter and the Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence.

Her deep-rooted connection to volleyball, through her parents who were collegiate athletes themselves, amplifies her passion and insight into the game. Luka Slabe, NC State’s head coach, has recognized Forelli’s commitment and fervor, projecting her to be a crucial addition to the team, impacting its success significantly both on the court and in academic pursuits.

In 2023-24 season, Forelli participated in 53 sets. Her ability to facilitate plays was unparalleled, with an average of 5.7 assists per set, vastly outperforming the national average of 0.7. This exceptional performance resulted in a total of 300 assists over the season, again significantly higher than the national average of 50.

Reis Baune: A Versatile Talent from Minnesota

Reis Baune, originating from Rosemount, Minnesota, stands as a testament to exceptional talent and dedication within the sphere of high school volleyball. As an outside hitter and defensive specialist, Baune has made significant contributions to her team at Rosemount High School and her club team, Mizuno Northern Lights.

Her leadership qualities were evident as she captained her teams, leading them to notable successes including a 13U National Championship and All-American honors, alongside securing a third-place finish at nationals with the 17U squad.

Baune’s physical attributes and performance metrics further underscore her readiness and potential impact at the collegiate level. Standing at 6 feet with a left-side hitter and defensive specialist (DS) position, Baune possesses a reach of 89 inches. Her athletic ability is further evidenced by her block jump of 104 inches and an impressive approach jump of 116 inches, metrics that speak volumes of her agility and power on the court.

During the 2023-24 season, Baune’s contributions were quantifiable through her participation in 66 sets, where she amassed 248 kills, far surpassing the national average of 53. With a hitting percentage of .170, doubling the national average of .078, and a total of 13 blocks against a near national average of 12.

Impact on NC State Volleyball

The addition of Alyssa Forelli and Reis Baune to the NC State volleyball team notably enhances the program’s prospects, sparking optimism among fans for a triumphant season ahead. This bolstered lineup, enriched by their impressive skills and leadership, significantly boosts the team’s potential for success. Enthusiasm is not only palpable in the stands but also among those engaging with North Carolina sports betting platforms.

Starting from March 11th, fans will have the opportunity to place their bets on NC State volleyball matches, adding engagement to the season. Their diverse skill sets, leadership qualities, and competitive experiences are anticipated to enrich the team’s dynamics, fostering a more cohesive and high-performing unit.

Forelli’s strategic playmaking abilities and Baune’s versatile attacking and defensive skills will be critical in navigating the challenges of collegiate volleyball. Their shared experience of high-level competition and individual accolades position them as valuable assets for the Wolfpack. As they integrate into the team and adapt to the collegiate level’s demands, their development and contributions will be pivotal in shaping the program’s trajectory.


The arrival of Alyssa Forelli and Reis Baune at NC State is a testament to the volleyball program’s forward momentum. Their backgrounds, marked by substantial achievements and leadership roles, signal promising advancements for the team. As they embark on their collegiate volleyball journey, the anticipation around their impact is palpable, with the NC State community eagerly awaiting the unique qualities they will bring to the Wolfpack​​​​​​.