Volleyball is an appreciated sport all over the world. Nationals are intense or you can lighten the intensity and play amongst friends on the beach or you can play volleyball in a gaming realm, some even bet on the sports through online gaming sites like this page. However you choose to do it is up to you, we are just here to recommend the most popular volleyball video games to date, just in case the rain gets in your way and you need your daily dose of volleyball. Here are our recommendations.

Kinect Sports Volleyball for Microsoft PC and Xbox 360

Even though this volleyball game is a little outdate, it still holds a place in our hearts and we simply love the interactive gaming experience thanks to modern technology. Get in on the action by using your body as the controller. It’s ideal if you want to get in shape as you are still meant to just, spike and bump as you would in a real match, except you are playing against either your partner or the computerized opposition. The best feature is that you can actually play Kinect Sports Volleyball online, allowing you to play against multitudes of gamers.

London 2012: The Official Video Game for Xbox 360

This game features a number of sports and volleyball is one of them! Although it may not seem like you are actually passing the ball in some gaming frames, the graphics are pretty good and the interactive nature makes up for where the game lacks in other departments. There over 30 other events to choose from should you feel in the mood to stray from volleyball.

Beach Spikers for Nintendo GameCube

Released in 2002, the old game was a sensational hit when it was released. Although you can’t buy any GameCubes any longer as they have been discontinued, you can still get the discs if you have one. Beach Spikers is an eventful and entertaining game that builds up your character and career, incentivizing you to win. This is the ultimate stimulation you need as a learning volleyball player. Enjoy multiple gaming features, modes and tours.

Dig and Spike Volleyball

If you are the road to learning how to play, this is your chance! The indoor volleyball game teaches you different serves and has some pretty good court action which is bound to keep you entertained on a rainy day. Although the game is as old as the hills, you can learn a lot from this Nintendo Super NES creation.

These games offer you good practice and teach you about the rules of the game. They allow you to pick up and create your own strategies which are essential in becoming a pro volleyball player. There aren’t very many volleyball games on the market but thanks to modern technology you can find many of these games online even if it’s just to see what they were made of and to look at different strategies’ in a fun way.