Volleyball is one of the most popular sports worldwide. It attracts even more fans than https://playamo.one/au/ or Netflix. The reason is that volleyball is spectacular, and some athletes’ records may seem unreal. Here are just a few of them. 

Fastest Serving Record

The fastest and strongest serve in the history of world volleyball was by Bulgarian Matey Kaziyski. He sent the ball to the opponent’s side at 132 km/h. This record was fixed on January 1, 2010 in the Italian Cup. Kaziisky then played in the Italian club Trentino. It is interesting that the average speed of the ball in volleyball serves – 60 km / h. 

Jump Record

Matey Kaziiski, by the way, set a jump record and the highest in volleyball history: 379 cm. The ball removal is the point to which a volleyball player reaches during his jump. Matei made this unparalleled jump in December 2005 in Russia, where he was playing for Dynamo Moscow at that time. The height of the Bulgarian athlete, by the way, is 203 cm.

Highest Volleyball Player

Dmitry Musersky became the highest professional volleyball player in history. He is 218 cm tall. In 2012, as a member of the Russian team, he won “gold” at the Olympics in London. The tallest professional volleyball player is also from Russia. It is the diagonal of the Russian national team Nelly Alisheva. Her height is 208 cm. Unlike Mussersky, who continues to perform, Nelli ended her athletic career in 2018.

Best Record

Cuban Leonardo Leyva, a player of the South Korean club Samsung Fire Bluffs, had a record performance in one official match. In the match against the Japanese Sakai Blazers he scored 59 points (57 offensively, with 64 percent, one on the block and one ice). A similar record was also set in the Republic of Korea by Bulgaria’s Elitsa Vasileva. She scored 57 points in one official match of the South Korean National Championship.

Highest Attendance

The highest attendance of a volleyball match was registered on July 19, 198Z in Rio de Janeiro. At the Maracanã Stadium a match between the volleyball teams of Brazil and the USSR was watched by 96,500 spectators. The attendance record for an official rather than a friendly volleyball match was set in Warsaw on August 3, 2014. Then the first game of the World Volleyball Championship between the national teams of Poland and Serbia was watched from the stands of the National Stadium in the Polish capital by 61,500 spectators.