The Prime Volleyball League (PVL) is a man’s professional indoor volleyball league in India. It was first introduced in 2019 as a franchise-based indoor league by the Volleyball Federation of India and Baseline Ventures.

However, the league was halted due to some disputes. Subsequently, Baseline Ventures collaborated with a few original franchise owners from the previous league to establish the Prime Volleyball League. Playing volleyball can be challenging, as it requires proper training and experience to be able to perform well and succeed. Without proper training and experience, it can be difficult to win matches and tournaments. You can play exciting games online, however. Try 1xbet promo code Philippines to take part in the most thrilling and unique online games. The new season of the Prime Volleyball league began on February 4, 2023. Do you want to know which players grabbed all the limelight? In this article, we will discuss the top players in Prime Volleyball League 2023.

List of Top Players in Prime Volleyball League 2023

Cody Caldwell

Cody Caldwell is a talented volleyball player from the USA who played for Kochi Blue Spikers in the league’s inaugural season. He had an outstanding performance, scoring the highest number of points among all foreign players with 45 points. Additionally, his success rate in blocking was 48.1%, and he successfully dug the ball at a rate of 78.9%. In the upcoming season, Cody will be playing for Kolkata Thunderbolts, who won the championship in the inaugural season, and he aims to deliver another impressive performance with his new team.

A. Karthik

Karthik Angamuthu, who played for Kochi Blue Spikers in the inaugural season, has now moved to Mumbai Meteors in the second season. He was sold for a whopping price of 10 lakhs and is among the top five costliest players in the league. Mumbai Meteors made their debut in the Prime Volleyball League, and Karthik is expected to play a vital role in the Kochi franchise.

Ranjith Singh

After representing Bengaluru Torpedoes in the first season, veteran player Ranjith Singh has joined Hyderabad Black Hawks for a whopping 12.25 lakhs, making him the second-joint costliest player in the league alongside Chirag Yadav. Ranjith has been a crucial member of the Indian national team and has led the side in several major international tournaments.

Amit Gulia

Amit Gulia has been a consistent part of the Indian national team since 2019, and he led the U23 side to a silver medal finish at the Asian Championships. The 24-year-old played for Hyderabad Black Hawks in the inaugural season and has now been brought by Mumbai Meteors for 7.10 lakhs. He also played in the Maldives Premier League, becoming one of the 18 Indian players to play in a foreign league.

Pinamma Prasanth

Pinamma Prasanth is a 26-year-old volleyball player who played for Chennai Blitz in the inaugural season. He had an overall good performance in the first season, which led to the franchise retaining him for the second season. Initially, he wasn’t part of the starting seven in the first four matches. However, after the team suffered four consecutive losses, the management gave Prasanth an opportunity, and he grabbed it with both hands, performing exceptionally well as a setter. With the non-retention of Mohan Ukkarapandian, Prasanth is expected to play a crucial role in the second season as the primary setter.

Jerome Vinith

Jerome Vinith is an attacker from Calicut Heroes and was part of the Kerala State team that won the gold medal in the 2022 National Games. He has also represented India multiple times and served as the captain of the Indian team. In the upcoming season, he will lead Calicut Heroes for the second time and is determined to improve his team’s performance.

John Joseph

John Joseph had an outstanding performance in the inaugural season, registering 17 blocks with a 40% success rate. He was awarded the Best Blocker of the season. Although Hyderabad Black Hawks finished as semifinalists, they lost to Ahmedabad Defenders in four sets. Nevertheless, the southern side had a good season overall.

Final words

Hope you have got to know about the top players in Prime Volleyball League 2023. The latest season of the Prime Volleyball League will follow a similar format to the previous year, where each team will compete against the other once. After the round-robin matches, the top four teams will qualify for the playoffs, which will ultimately determine the finalists.