Learn about the distinctive features and peculiarities of volleyball game. Check what advantages this game can provide you with. Learn some interesting facts about volleyball.

Volleyball is a great kind of sport for the development of strength, speed, and coordination. The essence of the game is to throw the ball to the side of the opposing team through the net so that it touches the floor. The official date of birth of this sport is 1895, when William J. Morgan, a teacher of physical culture at the Association of Beach Volleyball Young Christians (USA, Massachusetts), suggested his pupils throw a basketball ball over a tennis net that was 197 centimeters high.

It is worth noting that the rules initially differed greatly from modern ones. The number of players on the court could be 8-10, the number of touches was not regulated, so the game could take a long time. Only in 1915-1925, the rules began to be adjusted and changed. Today, in addition to the classic, beach volleyball, pioneerball, and others are popular. You can even play volleyball from the comfort of your home today at a casino online https://www.allnewgclub.com/. Knowing all the volleyball rules, you’ll get a competitive advantage when playing volleyball slots. Why not make your favorite hobby a source of income? Check the basics of volleyball to become a real pro.

8 Basic Rules of the Volleyball Game

As in any sports game, there are some rules that regulate the size of the court and the ball, the height of the net, and the game technique.

  • The volleyball court must be rectangular in shape, 18 by 9 m, in the middle, it’s divided into two equal parts by the net. It should be installed in such a way that its upper edge is at a height of 2.43 meters if men play, and at a level of 2.24 meters for the game of women’s teams.
  • The playground of one team is conditionally divided into six zones. After the team gets the right to serve the ball, the players go clockwise within these zones.
  • During the volleyball game, there should be 6 people from each team on the court. There can be up to 14 players in a team.
  • The supply is made from behind the back line limiting the playing field and counted if the ball flew over the net to the enemy zone. If at the same time it fell to the floor, the team is awarded a point and the same player commits the next serve. It is permissible to touch the net with the ball when serving.
  • If the ball hit the out zone (went beyond the bounds of the playing field) or touched the antenna (a 1.8-meter-high fiberglass rod bounding the transition plane on both sides of the net), the point is awarded to the opposing team with the transfer of the right to serve it.
  • When repelling an attack, players of each team can make a total of no more than three touches of the ball. Each player can touch the ball only once and either send the ball to the net or make the pass. Otherwise, the point is awarded to the opponent.
  • The game isn’t limited by time. It will end when one of the teams wins three games. The first four games last until the team scores 25 points. The advantage of the winner must be at least 2 points. With equal points or a lag of one point (when one of the teams reached the milestone of 25 points), the game continues until the gap is 2 points. After the end of each game, players change their fields.
  • In each game, the coach may take two 30-second time-outs. Plus, in the first four games, so-called “technical timeouts” are also assigned with a duration of 60 seconds (when one of the teams scores 8 and 16 points).


Knowing the rules above, you’ll increase your chances to win the game, both in real life and when playing online.